Key challenges blocking you from migrating to the Cloud in 2024 (and how to overcome them)

Businesses are increasingly embracing Cloud. Organisations that migrate 60% of their IT resources to the Cloud can increase their profits by 11.2 % annually. 

Despite the enormous benefits migrating to the cloud can bring, there are still organizations that fail to reap the rewards of Cloud transformation. However, technology, when used properly has the power to transform the organization’s impact. Outperformers are the ones who will lead the way and serve as a catalyst for all the companies about to embark on their Cloud transformation journey. 

From our experience working with companies that are on their Cloud migration journey, we have learned there are 5 key challenges companies struggle with when migrating to the Cloud. In this blog, we will highlight these 6 challenges and offer solutions you can implement to overcome these obstacles and reflect on the benefits these solutions can bring to your organisation on your journey to the Cloud. 

Data security and compliance risks 

56% of CIOs experience compliance and security risk challenges


Probably one of the biggest challenges organisations face on their Cloud migration journey is ensuring data security. Depending on organisations’ location and customer base, they need to comply with different standards (such as CCPA, and GDPR). For instance, if your company is building a medical device and would like to move to the Cloud, you will need to ensure that a massive amount of sensitive patient data is HIPPA-compliant. Potential breaches would lead to enormous fines and reputation damage. 


Implementing a strong Cloud strategy consulting will help you navigate your journey to the Cloud. On top of this, many Cloud providers offer a set of tools with security features integrated that can assist your team with Cloud security. Finally, you can search for the right Cloud consultants who will provide Security as a Service and help you keep your sensitive data safe. 

High costs of the Cloud migration process 

According to Gartner, through 2024, 60% of infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders will experience cloud cost overruns that will have a negative impact on their on-premises budgets.


Although Cloud migration can significantly reduce IT costs in the long term, many organisations face a lot of uncertainties when estimating the upfront expenses of the migration process. These costs can escalate once other costs come into play, such as the expenses of the vacated data center capacity. Also, a lack of highly skilled teams with the right set of capabilities to plan and navigate the entire process can add to the costs. Plus, organisations usually have to spend much of their resources on making their existing infrastructure compatible with the Cloud environment. 


The most efficient way to solve this problem and make your Cloud transformation cost-efficient is to create a clear budget strategy and ensure it meets your business needs. Make sure you plan and prioritise carefully with your Cloud providers and choose the service that makes the most sense for your business and your IT team instead of investing a huge amount of your resources into services you do not need. Here are a few Cloud migration costs you should consider before starting this journey: 

Before migration: data management, database upgrade, consultations. 

During migration: the project, apps and code changes, refactoring 

After migration: Annual license, system maintenance

A lack of team capacity when migrating to the cloud — Skill gap 

Based on the 2022 Flexera State of Cloud Report, 84% of respondents felt they failed to deliver successful cloud migration due to a lack of skills or resources internally. 


With Cloud computing evolving and an increasing number of technologies deciding to move their resources to the Cloud, there is a growing need for the right expertise who can handle Cloud migration projects efficiently and with ease. To be able to build a strong engineering muscle, businesses might need to invest their resources into training their staff which could be a timely and costly process. 


Hiring experienced IT managed services providers with deep knowledge and expertise in handling even the biggest complexities on the project will not only reduce the time needed to successfully move to the Cloud but also ensure a smooth transition process while having everyone on the board On top of this, you can opt for cloud-based tools and services that require only minimal knowledge and technical expertise to streamline Cloud migration process. 

Complexities of Cloud migration 

44% of CIOs approach migration with insufficient planning.


Cloud migration is a multilayered process where a lot of steps, hidden costs, and complexities need to be considered. For instance, if the company is still relying on legacy software, migrating to the cloud could cause serious downtime and compatibility issues as these kinds of systems have never been designed to comply with the new modern Cloud environment. This can lead to unhappy customers and reduced productivity and potentially project failure. 


To overcome these issues, it is critical to assess your current infrastructure to determine any potential issues that might cause your migration process to fail and then devise the right Cloud migration strategy that will help you avoid any roadblocks. 

Choosing the right Cloud provider 


Choosing the right Cloud provider is paramount if you want to achieve success on your Cloud migration journey. Failing to do so could lead to enormous costs, security risks, and potential project failure. 


One of the first steps organisations need to make is to determine their Cloud provider based on the most immediate and critical business needs. For instance, if your business is looking for a service that offers strong cloud security and compliance features, you should opt for a Cloud provider that complies with industry standards. For instance, Google Cloud Platform offers HIPPA-compliant services for healthcare organisations. 

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Published on February 15, 2024