Is Cloud strategy consulting right for your business?

Deploying a cloud model to run a business is one thing. However, making sure this is done efficiently, at lower costs, and securely is a whole different story. For businesses to get the most value out of the Cloud, they need to focus their efforts on building a winning Cloud strategy that will help them navigate their journey to the Cloud. This is where Cloud strategy consulting comes into play. 

In this blog, we will outline all the key benefits of Cloud strategy consulting, its key elements, and how Cloud strategy consultants can help on this journey. 

Let’s first explain what Cloud strategy consulting is. 

What is cloud strategy consulting?

Cloud strategy consulting is a set of principles and steps for the successful implementation and utilisation of Cloud technologies. It is a roadmap that experienced domain experts can provide create to help businesses manage their infrastructure and Cloud architecture efficiently. Cloud consultants work with organisations to help them determine their business objectives, analyse their capabilities and existing resources and create a robust strategy on how to meet those objectives. The ultimate goal is to help companies meet their targets and accomplish their goals while minimising risks and reducing costs. 

Why is cloud strategy consulting important for your business?

Cloud strategy consulting can bring enormous value to your business no matter where you are on your Cloud journey. Here are some of the key benefits it brings:

  • Cost savings – By implementing a Cloud strategy, you invest only in the resources you use while reducing capital expenditures. Also, Cloud strategy consultants can help you analyse all the potential expenses you might have when migrating to the Cloud allowing you to prevent any large expenses. 
  • Improved security and compliance – A robust cloud strategy considers all the possible risks as well as measures to ensure data security and regulatory compliance. Highly skilled Cloud strategy consultants will provide companies with continuous security and compliance to ensure the safety of valuable data and secure infrastructure 24/7.
  • Agility – Cloud strategy provides businesses with scalability to easily innovate, develop new products, and speed up their time to market. 
  • Disaster recovery – one of the biggest advantages of Cloud consulting services is automation and failover which ensures that all the apps and critical data are secure in real time even in the case of some huge disruptions. 
Is Cloud strategy consulting right for your business? 


Key steps for crafting a comprehensive Cloud Strategy 

When crafting a cloud consulting strategy, there are critical considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful implementation:

Gain a clear understanding of Cloud services 

Before establishing a cloud strategy, it is imperative to gain a thorough understanding of the available cloud services. These include:

Platform as a Service (PaaS): A platform tailored for developers to construct, deploy, and manage applications.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The provisioning of virtualized computing resources accessible over the internet.

Software as a Service (SaaS): Software delivered via the internet on a subscription basis.

Select a suitable Cloud deployment model 

The process of developing a cloud strategy entails the selection of a suitable cloud deployment model. 

Choosing between public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud involves a meticulous evaluation of your organisation’s unique needs, objectives, and constraints. There are a few critical aspects you want to consider here including data sensitivity, compliance requirements, costs, scalability needs, latency and performance, and security posture, among others.

Public Cloud: Services offered by third-party cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure.

Private Cloud: A cloud infrastructure exclusively dedicated to a single organization.

Hybrid Cloud: Integrating public and private clouds to establish a cohesive environment.

Multi-cloud Strategies: Employing multiple cloud providers for diverse services.

Consider the importance of Data Centers

Contemporary cloud strategies frequently include the migration of data and applications from traditional data centers to the cloud. The data center’s role evolves from mere hosting to seamless integration with cloud services, ensuring operational continuity.

Develop a Cloud strategy 

The process of creating a cloud strategy involves a meticulously planned sequence of steps to guarantee a smooth and efficient transition to cloud computing.

Assessment: Evaluate current IT infrastructure and identify business needs.

Goal Setting: Clearly define objectives for cloud adoption.

Architecture Planning: Design cloud architecture aligning with your specified goals.

Deployment Model Selection: Choose between public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud based on organizational requirements.

Service Selection: Identify cloud services that meet your specific requirements.

Security and Compliance: Develop robust security and compliance measures.

Migration Strategy: Plan the migration of existing applications and data.

Monitoring and Optimisation: Implement tools and processes for continuous management and optimization.

By following these steps, organizations can develop a robust cloud strategy that aligns seamlessly with their unique requirements and ensures a successful transition to cloud computing.

How can Cloud strategy consultant help you on your journey to the Cloud?

From assessing your current infrastructure to significantly reducing your IT costs, Cloud strategy consultants can help you grow your business by: 

  • Creating a customized cloud strategy that suits your particular business requirements
  • Evaluating and selecting the optimal cloud solutions for your business
  • Facilitating a seamless and efficient transition to the cloud
  • Guaranteeing the security of your data within the cloud environment
  • Offering continuous support and guidance as your business leverages cloud services

Now’s your turn!

Considering the critical role your Cloud infrastructure plays in enabling and securing your business, choosing the right Cloud computing consulting services provider is imperative. 

This is where Deployflow distinguishes itself as an optimal choice, backed by a proven track record, extensive technical and industry expertise, and a people-centric approach to innovation. Whether it’s the initial cloud assessments, seamless implementation, or continuous support, Deployflow’s comprehensive approach to cloud strategy ensures that your cloud infrastructure will be optimized, secure, and adaptable for future challenges.



Published on February 2, 2024