Voices of change: Talent management as a business discipline

Interview with Daniela Preberina, Talent Partner at Deployflow 

With the company’s expansion, Human Resources (HR) stands as the cornerstone of organizational success. At the helm of this vital function lies the HR Team Lead – Daniela Preberina, Talent Partner at Deployflow,  tasked with navigating the complexities of talent management, employee engagement, and organizational development. To celebrate her 2 year-anniversary at Deployflow, we decided to have a small chat with her. 

In this blog, we delve into the multifaceted world of Daniela’s role, exploring its responsibilities, challenges, and strategies. From fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace to implementing innovative talent acquisition techniques, we’ll uncover some of her major accomplishments in Deployflow, key aspects of a thriving Deployflow culture, and her future ambitions. 

D: Reflecting on your two years with the company, what have been some of your most significant milestones or achievements in your HR role?

D: “Being the first member of the growing HR team, I would say that our culture is our strongest asset. During these two years, I have had the opportunity to establish strong bonds not only with our leadership team but also with all of our colleagues who have tremendously supported Deployflow’s growth over the years. This is a culture of innovation and collaboration where everyone understands their deeper purpose and is equally involved in delivering positive outcomes from different places worldwide. I would say that contributing to the team’s cohesiveness and strengths and helping build this growth mindset across the team would be my biggest achievement in Deployflow over the last two years. I also have to say that the leadership team has been very supportive encouraging me to express my maximum potential in finding the best talents to bring continuous value to the company.” 

D: How has your understanding of Deployflow’s culture evolved since joining, and what is unique about it?

D: “Deployflow culture is continuously evolving and growing at a fast pace. With new people joining the team, the Deployflow culture flourished powered by collective intelligence, new strengths, fresh perspective and a whole world of inspiring super-minds ready to block new opportunities for their and the company’s growth. I think that it is truly exciting to have the opportunity to be a part of this change. The best thing about Deployflow’s culture is that it empowers you to be fully independent, own your tasks, and explore your potential. Having an opportunity to work a team of creative individuals who constantly support you to get out of your comfort zone and do your job the best possible way without overlooking every step you make is one of Deployflow’s biggest strengths. This allows me to focus on my output and not necessarily on the amount of time I spend working on some tasks. It is truly a rewarding experience.” 

D: Can you share a specific example of how you believe you have enhanced the employee experience during your time here?

D: “Having spent two years at Deployflow allowed me to learn much more about the organization, its culture, people, processes, and above all, its mission and vision. Gaining a deeper insight into what makes Deployflow culture stand out from the rest on the market helped me present the company’s values in the best possible way and provide candidates with all the information they require and will find helpful during their journey with Deployflow. Through my conversations with several candidates and our colleagues as well, I realised that one of the main benefits Deployflow offers is the ability to work remotely from any part of the world. Also, I believe we must always have a clear idea of what talents to hire what learning programs to develop, and at what scale. We, as a team, have always been focusing more of our efforts on developing our employees’ competencies instead of only recruiting new talents.” 

D: As an HR professional, you play a vital role in shaping organisational processes. How do you ensure that all processes run smoothly within the company while, also considering employee well-being?

D: “I always make sure to provide candidates with insightful information and answer all of their requirements and questions. Naturally, the communication with potential hires depends on the job role they are applying for. For instance, I usually have to invest more effort in exploring and finding the talents that ar ein high demand and quite hard to find on the market. These positions are usually more complex and multilayered requiring thorough explanation when talking to candidates. Also, managing time zones can sometimes be a challenge, but, luckily we have established a good process that keeps everyone in the loop at any time. One of our priorities is to align our people strategy with our business strategy.”

D: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of HR within the company, and how do you envision it evolving to continue supporting the company’s culture and deployment processes?

D: “As our company grows and the demand for new talents increases, my aspirations for the future of HR within the company are centered around strategic team expansion and development. While maintaining our commitment to nurturing our company culture, I envision HR evolving into a dynamic hub for talent acquisition, retention, and professional growth. First and foremost, I see HR engaging in identifying the evolving needs of our organisation and strategically planning for talent acquisition. This involves not only attracting top talent but also ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects our company values. By leveraging innovative recruitment strategies, such as tapping into new talent pools and embracing technological advancements in the hiring process, we can ensure we consistently bring in the best fit for our team.

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Published on March 14, 2024