Voices of change: Building client relationships and mastering sales 

When you have a purpose-driven and people-centred workplace culture that empowers you to be your best every day, success comes naturally. At Deployflow, we believe the story of our organisation is made up of stories of various individuals across the globe. These are the stories of inspiration and success created by voices of change. 

In this article, we caught up with Clarence Comia to hear his perspective on Deployflow’s company culture, building and maintaining client relationships, and what distinguishes Deloyflow from the rest of the market. 

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D: Can you describe your current role at Deployflow?

C: Speaking from my role in the sales team as an account executive, my primary responsibility is reaching out to potential customers, identifying new opportunities for engagement, and fostering relationships with our existing clients. It’s all about building and maintaining strong connections that align seamlessly with the broader culture and values of the company.

D: How would you describe the company culture in Deployflow?

C: Deployflow has an amazing culture and a great company atmosphere. Although it is a smaller company building upwards, the dynamics create a strong sense of family. Although we are working remotely, there’s this beautiful closeness among the team. It’s interesting because even though we’re all working from different locations, it feels like we’re right next to each other. Also, I must say that the responsiveness of the entire team is outstanding—it’s quick and efficient. There’s a friendly vibe and sense of continuous support and I believe that contributes to the family-friendly culture. Although I still haven’t explored every facet of the business, I feel Deployflow encourages me to show my authentic self and share my thoughts and perspectives openly. 

Voices of change: Building client relationships and mastering sales Deployflow

D: What Deployflow values are most important to the clients?

From what I can see a recurring theme that clients appreciate is our commitment to honesty and openness. We communicate openly about our actions and provide detailed explanations, we actively engage with the client, explaining the circumstances and working together to find the best possible solutions that align with our client’s business needs. We foster an environment of collaboration and open communication and feedback is mostly positive. I make sure that we implement a straightforward and efficient approach in our communication with clients. Clients also value our no-nonsense work style and appreciate our quick, to-the-point actions. 

C: Also, our commitment to constant communication is a significant asset. We ensure clients are involved throughout the project, organizing bi-weekly meetings with engineers, and monthly discussions with me. The bi-weekly sessions keep the client informed about project progress, while the monthly conversations are more personal, addressing any concerns they may have.

D: How do you approach building and maintaining relationships with the clients?

C: Personally, face-to-face interactions with clients are extremely important to me. While some clients may be at a distance, I make an effort to schedule monthly meetings to bridge the gap. These sessions allow them to share their thoughts on the project without the presence of a technical expert. My role is to be a receptive listener, encouraging them to express both positive and negative aspects freely.

My approach is not to rush into providing immediate solutions but to understand their concerns and then follow up with thoughtful solutions. I like to create an open friendly space for discussion but in a professional business context. This kind of atmosphere helps clients feel heard and valued, which then leads to easier problem resolution or opens up opportunities for some new victories ahead.

D: How do you adapt your sales approach to different types of clients or industries?

C: I always make sure I recognize the importance of our clients’ time as this helps me navigate the conversation and focus on business matters. Face-to-face interactions are always more relaxed and accommodating allowing me to truly connect with the client and understand their requirements. Ultimately, it’s about finding the right balance between a work-related discussion and a relaxed atmosphere in our meetings.

D: How does the company encourage collaboration and teamwork among employees?

C: I have regular sales meetings where we discuss successes, and areas for improvement, and exchange ideas. These meetings are valuable to me as they give me a clear overview of where we are and where we want to be. They also facilitate reflection on personal growth and performance. I also regularly engage with the support teams to make sure I stay informed about ongoing activities and provide assistance if needed. 

First and foremost, we ensure clear communication channels to enable easy information sharing. We use collaborative tools and project management systems to streamline workflow and ensure everyone is on the same page. We also tend to have regular team meetings, both formal and informal, to brainstorm, exchange ideas, and build relationships. 

Voices of change: Building client relationships and mastering sales Deployflow

D: How does Deployflow fuel your growth?

C: I must say that joining Deployflow was an exciting experience for me. Ever since I became a part of Deplyflow’s story, I have faced numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. While I first thought that my focus would be on sales only, I’ve found myself delving into various facets of the company. This allowed me to broaden my skill set and embrace new challenges each day. This fluidity has not only kept things exciting but has also contributed significantly to my career development. Deployflow is an ideal environment for accelerated growth — working in a smaller setting like Deployflow means quicker access to the next stage in your career. This is the place where everyone knows you by name and you’re not just a number. It’s a space that fosters a sense of community, making the challenges worthwhile and offering a unique pathway for rapid professional advancement.

D: What, in your opinion, is the top reason, why companies like to work with Deployflow? 

C: Besides empowering our clients to get the maximum business value and build a strong digital core no matter where they are on their journey through our services, Customer service is also our forte that clients consistently rave about. The team’s agility in addressing any issues and the collaborative approach we take in guiding clients through problems sets us apart. We don’t just solve problems; we explain the reasons behind them and empower clients with the knowledge to handle similar situations independently in the future. This collaborative ethos extends to their team members, allowing them to solve challenges on their own, minimizing the need for continuous support from us. The ultimate goal is for us to be the last point of contact, making sure clients have all it takes for them to navigate challenges on their own. Clients feel more than just a ticket number in our system. They feel like a valued and integral part of our client ecosystem. 

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When you join Deployflow, you join a culture of openness, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and trust. Reach out to Clarence Comia to learn more about why Deployflow is a great place to work or talk to us and see how we can help you thrive. To learn about how we help companies navigate Cloud transformation with success, dive into an Interview with Thomas Radosh, the Founder and CTO at Deployflow.



Published on February 1, 2024