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An interview with Oliver Bajic, IT Support Engineer at Deployflow

From troubleshooting complex issues to implementing innovative solutions, IT support engineers serve as the backbone of modern-day IT infrastructure. To gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs within this dynamic field, we sat down with Oliver Bajic, IT support engineer at Deployflow, who has many years of experience in the industry and extensive knowledge behind it. In this interview, Oliver reflects on his journey, how Deployflow culture helped him evolve, and the skills essential for success in this ever-changing domain. 

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D: What Deployflow values, in your view, are essential for fostering a good team collaboration and thriving culture?

O: “Flawless communication is one of Deployflow’s key values. We have daily meetings with the whole support team where we cover some of the burning questions and try to find the most meaningful solutions to our daily challenges. With deep expertise in tackling some of the most complex challenges, my colleagues are very supportive and always ready to share their knowledge and experience when the need arises. I am truly happy and proud to be a part of such a collaborative environment.

D: What are some key accomplishments or projects you’ve completed in your role as an IT Support Engineer? How did these contribute to the success of the team or the organization?

O: “I must say that establishing strong client relationships has been the cornerstone of my success at Deployflow. When I joined the company, I started as a support engineer for a large company with several offices and staff. This marked the beginning of my journey, starting from the ground up in first-line support, to building a strong relationship with the client. Through small victories and continuous effort, our relationship evolved into one that resembles my own with my colleagues within Deployflow. This helped me identify issues in their IT infrastructure and propose viable solutions. While some companies mainly focus on solving business-related issues without truly building trust with clients, Deployflow focuses its attention on not just delivering value but also helping clients shift their mindset and explore new opportunities that can help their business thrive or even develop a new business model. In other words, we like to foster a culture of collaboration and trust internally and externally with our clients.

Moreover, my fresh perspective helped me identify inefficiencies in their existing systems, resulting in cost-saving measures and increased operational efficiency. This benefited Deployflow but strengthened the trust and collaboration with the client, leading to new successful projects. The client truly appreciated our efforts, which further strengthened our partnership. In essence, the ability to cultivate strong client relationships and drive positive change within their organization stands out as my proudest achievement at Deployflow.

D: Can you discuss when you implemented a new process or system improvement that enhanced efficiency or customer satisfaction?

O: “One of the valuable experiences I have gained so far was working on network upgrades, within a specialized environment centered around a farm. The rural setting has many challenges, including poor cell service and potential interference with internet signals due to trees and other environmental factors. Within this context, the farm relies heavily on various systems to monitor conditions crucial for berry growth, such as soil moisture, temperature, and wind.

During this project, I encountered numerous network-related issues such as outdated hardware and geolocational limitations. I was primarily focused on upgrading the network infrastructure to address these issues and managed to stabilize the network. This improved the overall functionality, operational efficiency, and reliability of the network and enhanced outcomes for the client.

D: What do you think sets our company apart from others in the industry, and how do you resonate with those aspects?

O: “I would say that working in Deployflow gives you a feeling of being a part of a large family, where everyone is giving their best to help each other solve any issues we may encounter along the way. Everyone, from top management to frontline employees, works together to address challenges — there’s a culture of mutual support and knowledge sharing across all levels of expertise. Also, the company has built processes that help everyone be on the same track, easily follow instructions, and have access to the knowledge library allowing us to avoid unwanted scenarios and repeating mistakes on our projects.” 

Another thing distinguishing Deployflow from others is its willingness to build customized solutions for clients even in the most unusual settings. Despite the complexity of the tasks, Deployflow is always moving the boundaries of possible, leveraging its collective knowledge and experience to build tailored solutions. We always employ an open mindset, thinking outside of the box to go one step further and not only offer the best possible solutions but also help our clients unlock new business opportunities. This flexibility in offering customized solutions sets Deployflow apart from other companies that rely solely on pre-built software packages. While this approach may create challenges, such as unpredictability and potential technical hurdles, Deployflow embraces these opportunities to deliver higher value to its clients.

D: In your experience, what are some best practices for providing excellent customer service in an IT support role? Can you share any strategies you’ve used to ensure client satisfaction?

O: “I believe transparency and honesty in our client interaction are paramount and can only be established through open communication. Personally, and I can say that for the whole team, one of the key ingredients of successful cooperation with our clients is our ability to discuss any potential issues directly and act promptly to resolve them. I always make sure to provide any updates on the equipment status, suggest options, and outline potential risks and advantages. This way I empower clients to make better decisions and offer alternatives based on my previous knowledge and experience. We discuss and, explore solutions together, and consider different perspectives.”

D: Information security is a significant concern in IT. How do you protect sensitive data and systems are protected while providing technical support to end-users?

O: “We take security very seriously in our role as administrators. It’s crucial to ensure the protection of all systems and data. We employ locked-down password databases multi-factor. Our remote access tools require multiple passwords and multi-factor authentication, enhancing security measures. In case of any breach attempt, we all receive notifications and have access to security systems for prompt response. Specifically, we implement extensive measures for certain clients such as firewalls and virtual networks, with access levels tailored based on clearance.

D: How do you envision your role evolving within our company, and how do you plan to continue growing both personally and professionally?

O: “In this field, things never work by the book. While studying is important, there’s a multitude of options available, and each system is unique. No matter your expertise level, every day presents an opportunity to learn new things and improve. My ultimate goal is to continue learning and helping others by assisting them or sharing knowledge. As our company expands and acquires more clients, I will continue to expand my knowledge and find new ways to implement it by mentoring new engineers and assisting new customers. Overall, I believe my perspectives will contribute to the company’s growth in the future.

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Published on March 21, 2024