Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

With so many companies relying on DevOps engineers to support their business-critical processes and applications, it’s no wonder that the role is in high demand. In 2021, a whopping 83% of IT decision-makers said they use DevOps practices to get more out of their business.


If you are a business owner planning to seek help from a reliable DevOps engineer, is it important to know what they do and what their roles and responsibilities are? After all, this will give you an idea of what to expect from the professional you’ll be working with.


DevOps is a set of practices and processes that aim to accelerate and automate the software development, testing, and release process allowing continuous delivery of software updates.


Generally, their role centres on making sure a company’s IT infrastructure runs without interruption. To do this, they collaborate with developers who create code changes and operations staff who manage systems. They must have an intimate knowledge of both development and operations processes, as well as strong technical background.


The roles and responsibilities of a DevOps engineer include the following:


  • Creating, overseeing, and maintaining build, deployment, and configuration management
  • Building tools that will reduce the number of errors our customers experience and make their overall experience better
  • Automating application build and release processes
  • Testing and examining code written by others, as well as analysing results
  • Making sure that systems are guarded against possible cyberattacks
  • Identifying technical problems and developing software updates to fix them
  • Troubleshooting and resolving technical issues
  • Collaborating with software developers and engineers to guarantee that development abides by set processes and operates correctly
  • Planning projects and participating in project management decisions


That said, make sure to choose an experienced DevOps professional with the necessary skills and knowledge for the job. You can’t go wrong with a boutique DevOps agency with an experienced and dedicated team that can tailor its services to your unique needs. Choose a customer-centric company that employs the very best tools, processes, and practices to deliver high-quality solutions.




Published on November 2, 2022