DevOps vs. Agile – What’s the Best Approach?

The world of DevSecOps can seem like a complex and complicated one- complete with its own language of confusing acronyms and baffling terminology. Whilst many businesses recognise the need to have a good DevOps strategy in place, they are often unsure of what the terminology means, let alone how best to apply them to their project.

Fear not- help is at hand with our blog aims to help explain what some of the terminologies mean and to hopefully debunk some of the more complicated myths that you may have heard through the DevSecOps grapevine.

We start with…

What is Agile Working

When talking about DevSecOps, the term ‘agile’ refers to the ways of working with the team, allowing the project to be flexible to change whilst breaking it down into very small parts, developing and testing until the task is completed. Businesses often use an Agile methodology with DevSecOps to ensure the best possible results are delivered as it allows for trial and error, regular testing and continual communication among the team. And the Agile methodology isn’t just for technology projects, it is a great way for any business or corporation to ensure their business is running in an efficient way.

DevOps vs Agile

The difference between these two ways of working are whilst DevOps refers to software development that also promotes a strong collaboration between both development or IT teams as well as the operations teams within a business. The agile methodology, as we touched on above, is a flexible way of working that continually looks to test and improve on parts of the project until it is finished. One is the more traditional practice of bringing IT teams together on a project whilst the other is an iterative approach that needs feedback and rapid testing and releases before the project is able to move forward.

Working Lean and Agile Together

Now you’ve got your head around how Agile and DevOps work together, what about the third way of working; lean? Most companies assume Lean and Agile ways of working are the same but this is simply not true. The Lean approach is designed to prevent waste and improve operational efficiency, this particular method is popular in manufacturing for example. These two methods work together as they both focus on ensuring the process of work is as efficient as possible, whilst DevOps focuses on the collaboration of people working on the project. Whilst Lean and Agile ways of working are effectively applied on their own, the combination of all three ensures that your project will be executed as timely, cost-effective and efficient as possible whilst maintaining a clear focus on communication between the teams. By combining all three when it comes to their IT projects, companies are seeing some great results from investing in their DevOps.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by these different ways of working or want to understand which methodology may be best for your business, contact one of our experienced consultants today.



Published on July 4, 2019