All You Need to Know About DevOps Secure Automation for an Organisation!

Software development teams are constantly under pressure to meet customer expectations, from enhanced functionality to guaranteed uptime and availability. The traditional software development process is no longer able to keep up, especially where cloud-based applications are involved. Now more than ever, software development needs to be seen as an ongoing process instead of something that ends once the product is delivered. DevOps consulting can help you achieve this!


Understanding DevOps


DevOps is the set of software development practices combining software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) for optimum delivery of a platform, solution, or product. It’s almost similar to how a product moves through a factory’s conveyor belt. Developers work on a particular software solution in different stages before it is delivered to the end-user.


Automation adds a layer of security to the process. DevOps consulting specialists can help implement the solution as you plan, develop, and deploy a custom cloud platform. This is why DevOps consulting is critical in overcoming security challenges in a cloud environment. DevOps engineers will apply industry best practices and the latest tools to ensure seamless optimisation while preventing issues like deploying the tests in production environments.


Benefits for the organisation


DevOps secure automation frees up resources so you can focus on core activities in your business. Working with a team of consultants and engineers ensures the best results, with a reliable and stable operating environment, early identification and quick correction of defects, and continuous release and deployment.


Optimised process


Each level of the DevOps process is optimised and designed to operate seamlessly to ensure a cost-effective and efficient strategy. Only the best industry tools are used, such as Bitbucket Terraform and Jenkins. DevOps consulting can help in determining which tools are suitable to your unique needs!




Published on October 18, 2021