How AWS Backup Supports AWS Services

Do you use AWS services? Whether on-premise or in the cloud, AWS Backup provides a fully-managed service to simplify centralisation and automation of data protection. With the service, it’s possible to configure backup policies and oversee activity for AWS resources on one platform. Moreover, the service lets you automate and consolidate backup tasks that were previously conducted service-by-service. It also eliminates the need to make custom scripts and manual processes, as it only takes a few clicks in the console to automate data protection schedules and policies.


Support for AWS services


Some AWS Backup-supported AWS services have their independent backup capabilities. These features are accessible to you whether or not you use AWS Backup.


However, The backups generated by AWS services other than AWS Backup are not accessible for centralised management through AWS Backup. AWS cloud migration services can configure the system to let you manage data protection for all supported devices in a central location. It’s best to leave this to experts as it can be a time-consuming process that requires opting in and managing the service with AWS Backup, creating an on-demand backup or enabling scheduled backups using a backup plan, and storing the backups in vaults.


Benefits of AWS Backup for AWS services


  • AWS Backup provides fully-managed backup and restores Amazon S3 data.
  • Backup supports automated and centralised data protection for on-premise VMware VMs (virtual machines) and VMs in VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • You can restore and back up Amazon DynamoDB tables.
  • You can restore and back up Amazon FSx file systems.
  • Schedule or conduct on-demand backup jobs, including the whole EC2 instances and Windows applications on Amazon EC2.
  • Support for Amazon EFS (Elastic File System), (Elastic Block Store) volumes, RDS, Aurora, DocumentDB, Amazon Neptune, and AWS Storage Gateway


AWS services can also back up their resources. Consult AWS cloud migration services for more solutions to aid your cloud transformation with AWS while simplifying and securing your cloud computing processes. Service providers use a tool-based framework to reduce time to market while adding value to your organisation’s cloud-enabled business transformation.





Published on September 6, 2022