DevOps best practices

Here at Deployflow, we pride ourselves on keeping up with best practices and industry changes when it comes to applying DevSecOps, which is why we will always endeavour to deliver any project using the latest best practices in DevOps.

We consider these to be the top five best practices to focus on when working on any DevSecOps project;

Security Processes

Security awareness starts at day one and should be a minimal but consistent focus every step of the way through your project. Don’t make them the focus but ensure everyone is aware of your security processes throughout

Access to the right technology

Technology ultimately enables every individual who will be working on the project so ensuring everyone has the right level of access to the right technologies will ensure your project can run smoothly and your co-workers are correctly empowered in their role.


DevSecOps culture embraced by everyone

This means from the top down, each person within the business needs to be fully behind the agile ways of working. You will need to embrace a different way of working, to avoid any culture clashes that may hold back or hinder work.

Keep testing

The agile approach means you can test at every stage of implementation and development. Testing at each stage means you can understand what is and isn’t working, fix the failings and move forward with a far more streamlined and optimised product that stands a better chance of working. Testing allows for learning and this is key to any DevSecOps project

Think bite-size

The focus has to be on small steps. Big projects can be complex and demotivating. Bite-size projects, however, allow the organisation to implement quicker and more accurately, allowing teams to give instant feedback.



Published on June 3, 2019