Cloud Migration 101: An Essential Guide

AWS cloud transformation is a confusing topic for most — in fact, the only people who understand the complexity of the cloud are Cloud DevOps Engineers. It is not a process that is learned overnight, it takes years and many wrong turns to learn the in’s and out’s of cloud migration and cloud computing.

However, that does not mean it is impossible to learn about AWS cloud migration services, even if you have no prior experience. We have put together this short guide on everything you need to know about migrating to the cloud:

What is the cloud?

Over the years ‘The Cloud’ has become a household name and is used by many to describe the place where one’s photos and documents, etc are currently stored; however, the cloud is more than just a storage system for all one’s files. It refers to an entire set of servers and its software and databases, which accessedvia the internet.

The cloudgives one the ability to access files across different devices. There are various cloud deployment types, including private, public, and hybrid clouds.

What is cloud migration?

Now that we establishedthe concept of the cloud and its primary functions, it’s time to understand cloud migration. As the name suggests, it is simply the process of moving applications, data, and IT processes from one data centre to another. Generally, a business will make use of cloud providers servers than having their own servers on hand.

Who can make use of cloud migration?

Anyone can make use of AWS cloud migration servicesto transfer operations. However, businesses mostly use it to move from legacy infrastructure to an online setting. That is because legacy infrastructure often becomes outdated, unreliable, and slow.

On the other hand, AWS cloud transformation is more flexible and scalable, plus it helps improve overall business performance and user experience. Another benefit is that you pay for what use making it more affordable than having the infrastructure on-premises.

Where can you get AWS cloud migration services?

Cloud migration is offered by leading DevOps agencies around the world. These companies have expert cloud DevOps engineerscapable of optimising IT infrastructure to work with cloud technology.

If you plan on migrating to the cloud, choose a reliable service provider with experience, expertise, and excellent client care.



Published on January 20, 2021