Choosing AWS Cloud Migration Services in the United Kingdom

Are you finally ready to move your operations to the cloud? There’s no better platform than Amazon Web Services (AWS)—the world’s leading cloud computing platform.

The advantages of using AWS cloud migration services

AWS is the leading cloud platform for numerous reasons. This service is straightforward to use, giving you complete control over your data from wherever you are. It’s also highly adaptable. AWS allows you to select your operating system, programming language, database, and more. As a result, you can quickly scale up or down depending on your needs.

Not only that. The AWS platform offers exceptional reliability and security. For instance, the Amazon Macie service uses machine learning and pattern matching to protect your sensitive data, helping you achieve compliance with the HIPAA and GDPR.

But perhaps the best thing about Amazon Web Services is its diverse selection of tools and platforms. For example, Amazon Aurora is a relational cloud database up to five times faster than standard MySQL databases, increasing your business efficiency.

The platform also gives you access to numerous developer tools, helping you minimise downtime, monitor operations, and test and automate infrastructure!

Selecting the best AWS cloud migration services in the UK

Of course, implementing the AWS platform yourself can be challenging, especially if your IT staff hasn’t received the proper training. In this case, you’ll need a reliable AWS cloud migration service provider. Mentioned below are some pointers to assist you to find the right service provider:

  • Make sure the provider has technical expertise in planning, prioritising, and managing end-to-end aspects of secured migration
  • Search for providers that use the best industry practices and tools to create the most effective strategy for your organisation
  • Choose a provider that places their client’s needs ahead of everything to guarantee the best customer experience

Finally, consider looking through the provider’s client testimonials and case studies to ensure their expertise.





Published on February 11, 2022