Best DevSecOps Consulting Services Implementation Practices

DevSecOps is One of the most widely used software development practices, which consolidates software development (Dev) and information technology operations (Ops) with automation and security to optimise product delivery, making it critical for planning, deployment, and development. Companies offering DevSecOps consulting can help implement the practice in your software development process to overcome any security challenges in the cloud environment. By hiring seasoned engineers, you can access the latest tools and apply the best practices in the industry.

Work with consultants to find the best solutions

DevSecOps consulting can help modernise your legacy system of developing high-quality software products for your customer to minimise regression efforts, technical debt, and testing costs. Consultants will implement security in your software development workflow, with testing automation and the best approaches to coding. Here are some of their best practices when implementing DevSecOps.


Speed is among the advantages of DevSecOps, especially in an environment that requires CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment). Automating security simplifies its integration into the workflow. Consultants recommend implementing tests and security controls early throughout the development lifecycle.

We also suggest carefully planning automated security testing. For instance, if you are conducting SAST (static application security testing) on nightly builds, consider scanning only for relevant changes to your code for that day to save time.

Start small

Static testing tools can scan code as you write it to identify and fix issues that can result in security problems down the line. However, DevSecOps consulting does not advise running checks for multiple security issues. Instead, run one or two checks at a time to familiarise yourself with incorporating security rules in your workflow. For instance, you can apply rules only for identifying SQL injection errors. It’s a way to learn more about the tool before implementing more rules.

Always verify code dependencies

DevSecOps require code dependency checks to ensure you’re not using vulnerable and potentially risky codes in your software.

Achieve seamless optimisation

Enterprise DevSecOps consulting offers seamless optimisation to eliminate the need to test in a production environment and other issues. Consultants will carefully optimise every stage of your process to ensure seamless operation that achieves cost savings and efficiency.



Published on March 4, 2023