8 key benefits of AWS cloud migration 

Cloud Computing is gaining momentum and there is a good reason why — it allows businesses to build scalable, cost-effective, safe and well-functioning applications. Most importantly, Cloud provides flexible infrastructure enabling businesses to easily manage their applications while leveraging the plethora of services. What’s more, by using the services of a cloud provider, organizations do not have to worry about maintaining their own infrastructure and hardware. In the pool of Cloud providers, it is critical to choose the right one. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known as an innovation leader in this field with over one million active users globally. One of the main reasons why many choose AWS is the fact that they keep evolving the application environment by using the latest technologies including AI, machine learning, analytics, data lakes. This helps businesses thrive, become more agile and innovative allowing them to get ahead of the curve. 

Why AWS?

By using the powerful and versatile tools of AWS, you will be able to easily cover tasks like scaling, networking and storage. 

Amazon Web Services offer a wide range of services allowing businesses to meet their business requirements. Some of the key services of AWS are: 

Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS) — this allows organizations to have dedicated instances for databases in a matter of minutes

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) — this allows businesses to store their data in a secure infrastructure 

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) — this allows businesses to create a private virtual network which will secure their entire IT environment 

Amazon CloudFront — This allows businesses to manage all their content, deliver it and present in the best possible way 

Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) — this allows businesses to manage different storage features like security and storage and create virtual machines 

We bring you key benefits of using AWS which will enable you to create agile apps and improve your business. 

8 key benefits of cloud migration


The flexibility AWS provides allows businesses to scale and grow easily and quickly. Organizations can scale at their own pace, adding resources at the right time, with no limits and expand their cloud environment which further helps them to meet the ever-growing market needs and requirements. This infrastructure is an ideal solution for companies which decide to go global, or merge with other companies which require scalable IT infrastructure. 

Integration of Machine Learning and IoT 

For organizations which are integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning or launching IoT networks, AWS offers flexibility to overcome any challenges that may emerge along the way including data access, security, flexibility, scalability, etc. AWS allows for more efficient IoT integration, driving continuous innovation for companies worldwide. 

Digital transformation 

In the world of digital, an increasing number of companies are focusing their efforts on digitizing their businesses as it will enable them to drive innovation and provide their customers with superior experience. To be able to succeed on their digital transformation journey, organizations need the right digitalization partners and AWS is the key player. AWS allows businesses to transform their business processes and workflows and stand out on the market. 

Data center consolidation 

Another great advantage of AWS cloud migration is that it frees up a lot of wasted resources to be able to focus more on growth and innovation. By consolidating their data centers in the AWS cloud, organizations can ensure centralized and robust data operations and save up to a third of their infrastructure costs. 

Security and resilience 

With AWS, organizations can operate on one robust and secure platform, enabling proven solutions and far more governance than most of their competitors on the market. Ultimately, this leads to safer and more streamlined testing and highly improved security at all levels. 

Staff productivity and agility 

Due to modern approaches to software engineering, AWS enables a significantly higher staff productivity allowing improved efficiency on a task-to-task basis. This leads to three times more features delivered in a year, seven times less downtime, and 60% increase in staff productivity. 

Cost reduction 

One of the biggest benefits of using AWS cloud migration is a significant cost reduction. For instance, General Electric reported a 50% lower TCO due to modernization. For instance, a recent study conducted by The Hackett Group reported that organizations that migrated to AWS from on-premises achieved great value such as:

  • 43% lower time to market for new features
  • 69% decrease in unplanned downtime
  • 20% cost savings on technology infrastructure
  • 29% increase in staff focus on innovation

To realize their goals, businesses need to reconsider their financial management strategies and define and execute a migration plan and gain a deeper understanding of how they can pull cost management levers throughout their migration journey. This is where AWS comes to the scene. 

Supreme performance 

Another key value of AWS migration is that it enables better performance of your business. By using the AWS cloud platform, organizations can employ IT applications smoothly to achieve their business goals with ease. This further allows them to monitor, manage and deploy the applications and how they function. According to the recent report, AWS customers experience: 

  • 37% decrease in time-to-market 
  • 343% increase in new code deployments 

What’s more, AWS tools give businesses an opportunity to enable auto-scale and load balancing for all their apps allowing them to pay for extra computing resources once their demand increases. This way, they do not have to pay enormous fees for idle servers which, finally, ensures top epp performance and supreme customer experience. 

What’s your next step?

If you recognize the need to migrate to the cloud, AWS cloud migration services will help you meet your current and future business needs. And, migrating from the ‘on-premise’ to the cloud is not an easy task. This is why you need the right partner to help you on your cloud migration journey. Deployflow’s tool-based framework and AWS cloud migration service reduces time to market and adds value to cloud-enabled business transformation projects. Our team of cloud DevOps engineers have gained extensive knowledge and know industry best practices to create a strategy most suitable for your business. Reach out to us to learn how we can help you unlock the value of Cloud.



Published on April 25, 2023