5 Noteworthy Open Source DevOps Tools for Automation

Open-source software provides an essential boost to businesses when the industry is dynamic. The need of a business is ever-changing, meaning that the DevOps solution has to be transformed accordingly. Using open-source tools can be the best measure to keep a tap on the essentials. As per the DevOps experts, here is the list of open-source tools used for various purposes of the DevOps operations.

Best Open-Source DevOps tools

1. Icinga

Icinga is one of the most sought after open-source DevOps tools used for monitoring purposes. It has a multithreaded plan offering better adaptability regarding incorporating new modules and plug-ins. It also offers a distributed platform where many outside services can be joined. This tool is considered to be ideal for DevOps automation.

2. GitLab

It is open-source software used for source control management in the automation process of DevOps. It is a platform where you can develop DevOps operations following the modus operandi of a business. GitLab is used to program the version control frameworks. It is good for developing a graphical interface and to upgrade the access control system. GitLab is used in the DevOps as a Service (DaaS) worldwide.

3. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is used as the open-source DevOps automation tool for system log information collection. As per the DevOps experts, it is also used for log analytics innovation along with Logstash related to the information collection and Kibana related to the user interface.

4. Docker

Docker is considered to be one of the popular open-source container management platforms for DevOps services. It offers a lightweight, executable, and stand-alone programming cluster. The DevOps consulting services use this tool for incorporating runtime versions, code, framework apparatuses, libraries, etc.

5. Chef

This open-source tool is used as an administrative device that enables the framework administrators, as well as, clients to relay programming configuration to the servers.

There are many other open-source tools used by the DevOps consulting services to provide a customized DevOps platform to the clients. It all depends on the experience and expertise of the DevOps team hired for outsourcing the requirements.



Published on December 4, 2020