Top Tips in DevOps Automation from DevOps Engineer

Automation is an essential aspect of DevOps, but the challenge is putting it into practice while advancing your goals. Consulting a cloud engineer is a good start. They will consider your unique requirements and recommend the best practices and working solutions to streamline your software development process while reducing and optimising the lifecycle of your process. DevOps engineers will also support practices like continuous delivery, development, and integration.

DevOps engineers and teams must deliver updates and features as frequently as possible while ensuring shorter turnaround times and a stable production environment. Cross-functional teams must be capable of developing and running the software features and delivering them themselves. Automation eliminates manual and repetitive tasks throughout the development lifecycle. However, making it work takes expertise. Here are some top tips from a DevOpsengineer.

Prioritise security

DevSecOps Secure Automation is a development process with the addition of security, making it a critical aspect of planning, deployment, and development. A cloud engineer recommends this in your DevOps strategy and advises using the latest industry best practices and tools to overcome security issues and complexities in the cloud environment.

You don’t need to test in a production environment.

Working with a DevOps engineer will enable seamless optimisation without needing to deploy tests in production environments. Every stage in the process must operate seamlessly, as they are well-optimised, making it possible to achieve a cost-effective and efficient DevOps strategy. Reputable engineers use proven industry tools, such as Bitbucket Terraform and Jenkins, to provide DevOps automation while considering your unique requirements.

Use up-to-date tools in the development process.

DevOps automation optimises the development infrastructure with updated tools throughout the process. A seasoned cloud engineer is equipped with these solutions while looking into the written code for development and deployment into the infrastructure. This way, it encourages continuous deployment or integration.

Outsource the solution to a qualified engineer

You don’t have to navigate DevOps secure automation on your own when you entrust the process to a seasoned DevOps engineer. Working with them ensures positive results while enabling early detection and prompt correction of defects.



Published on January 23, 2023