What is The Difference Between DevOps & DevSecOps

DevOps, or development operations, involves collaboration between individuals working on the same project, applying Agile methodology and having access to the right tools, to increase a company’s ability to deliver services and applications at a faster pace. Whilst there are many more benefits that may apply to your particular industry or business needs, we focus on the top benefits of DevOps that are considered important as part of any process:

Benefits of DevOps: 

Risk– significantly lower risk

Cost efficiency– ensures longer-term cost efficiency 

Time– saves a lot of time 

Productivity– agile teams are more productive

DevOps Explained

DevOps is the technical development of operations for businesses that looks to change the future processes and handling of IT within companies from large corporations to smaller SMEs. It focuses on a collaboration between people and culture, working to improve services and ways of working within the technology field. It encourages companies to adopt a leaner, more agile way of working and looks to improve many important features for businesses, as we have outlined above. It enables a business to progress and grow, using advanced technology, ensuring the company doesn’t fall behind its competitors in the field by using the latest in IT solutions.

What is DevSecOps

DevSecOps, or development security operations, applies a similar agile approach as DevOps does, except there is an emphasis on providing security at each step of the process. DevSecOps considers the security aspect of any development work and ensures that there is minimal risk to the dev project. Both DevSecOps and DevOps primarily apply the same collaborative ways of working to be efficient, saving time and money as well as maximising productivity among the teams. 

Benefits of DevSecOps: 

Risk– significantly lower risk

Cost efficiency– ensures longer-term cost efficiency 

Time– saves a lot of time 

Security- ensures security is always front of mind

Productivity– teams are more productive, working in an agile method

DevOps has been traditionally the longer serving method of working for many IT departments, with projects being executed successfully using this way of working. However, due to the rapidly evolving world of technology, the need to focus and improve on security when it comes to software has increased too. DevSecOps ensures continual focus on security which is essential for many businesses in the modern day world and means the business is investing in one of the more important aspects of developing the technology. Applying DevSecOps to your next development operation project will ensure you hold each team member equally accountable for ensuring security is being considered at every stage of the project.

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Published on July 10, 2019