The Security Advantages of Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office has been a vital player in the IT industry for over three decades. Office 365, the cloud-based subscription model of the Microsoft Office suite, is one of its most popular services, offering a variety of applications designed for online use. Overall, Office 365 migration is implemented widely by businesses. And it’s easy to see why.

The security benefits of Office 365 migration

  • Encryption

You can only access Office 365 applications through SSL/TLS encryption. This type of encryption prevents unauthorised users from retrieving your content, regardless of the information.

Moreover, Office 365 gives you the option to have multiple layers of encryption in place, further protecting your data.

For example, emails and documents on your computer (among other files); are guarded by BitLocker in Microsoft’s data centres. Meanwhile, chats and messages via Microsoft Teams; are encrypted with TLS, MTLS, and SRTP.

  • Instant upgrades

Software programmes require constant updates to prevent new viruses and threats from attacking them. Unfortunately, manually updating your systems can take time, leaving them vulnerable and increasing the risk of infection.

Microsoft prevents this by providing instant upgrades and access to new features for all Office 365 solutions. This includes up-to-date antivirus signatures, continuous monitoring, and an incident response protocol to catch threats trying to exploit old software.

  • Cloud storage

Office 365 migration gives you access to Microsoft Office applications via the cloud, including but not limited to Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, and PowerPoint. Not only does this streamline your operations and increase efficiency. It also secures your data. This is due to the cloud offering a more robust data storage solution than physical infrastructure, minimising server downtime and backing up your information online.

  • Data compliance

As one of the most influential players in the IT industry, it’s no surprise that Microsoft offers a secure cloud-based solution. Office 365 has built-in data security and compliance, fully certified according to ISO 27001 standards, SAS70 Type I and II audit, and the EU Safe Harbour seal.

If you want to move your data to the cloud, consider working with a trusted and experienced DevOps agency that can tailor your Office 365 migration services according to your business goals and values.



Published on April 8, 2022