The risks and rewards of outsourcing devops 

According to the recent Harvard Business Analytics report, 70 % or respondents think that DevOps is critical for increasing their time-to-market, innovation, service quality productivity and customer relevance. 


This demonstrates the enormous impact DevOps is having across organizations and industries. 

So, why should you outsource DevOps?

Based on the research conducted by State of DevOps Report, companies that outsource DevOps get 22% less time spent on unplanned work, 24 times faster failure recovery, and 3 times fewer change rate failures. There are many reasons why companies decide to outsource DevOps engineer. For example, startups are looking for ways to push their solutions to the market faster, which is why they usually opt for searching for talented DevOps engineers who will help them reach their goals. But there are still many things to consider when outsourcing DevOps services. To help you make your decision, we wanted to uncover all the risks and rewards this brings and provide a general overview of the key things to keep in mind. 


A dedicated access to the pool of talents 

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing Devops is the access to the global pool of talents. Searching for the right in-house experts can take much of your time and resources. On the other hand, broadening the hiring market to the global level gives you an opportunity to find the expertise that fits your business needs and that can help deliver results in record time. On top of this, this simplifies the recruitment process and lets you decide how and when to use their skills. 

Increased flexibility and quality 

DevOps implements the continuous model allowing you to always keep track of potential bugs and or errors. By outsourcing Devops teams, you can always be sure that all of the potential issues are cut down during the monitoring and testing phase and that the solution you are building will have maximum performance. For instance, engineers proficient at AWS DevOps can help you speed up the entire project while saving costs in the long run.


Contrary to the popular opinion that hiring DevOps engineers will cost you a great deal of money, in reality, it is much cheaper than hiring in-house engineers. For instance, by hiring 2 or 3 engineers, it will take you months to get you running on Kubernetes. Things get even worse, if you are building your infrastructure from scratch. The bottom line is that outsourcing costs much less than hiring even two engineers. 

Better risk management 

Experienced Devops engineers already have a deep domain knowledge and experience in using the best Devops practices so they are already familiar with how things work. By implementing these practices, engineers know how to mitigate risks and eliminate any vulnerabilities before it is too late. This helps you save much time and money in the long run. 


Work model restructuring

Once you decide to apply DevOps in your company, you must be ready to shift your culture’s mindset as DevOps changes the ways people work. In essence, instead of focusing on project-based models, your team will have to shift their focus on product-centric full-lifecycle models. In this kind of structure different teams will all work towards achieving one same goal which can be quite challenging especially in environments which lack leadership skills. 

Team effort

Delivering value is the ultimate goal of the effort companies put when outsourcing DevOps. To achieve value, the right people should deliver the right projects at the right time. The vendor and the customer should develop a perfect symbiosis should establish a perfect combination of relevant and needed skills and leverage the relationships between stakeholders and team members, corporate policies and other relevant factors. Continuous delivery brings the best results when the team makes quick changes. If the team is broken down and communication is not efficient, the product is at risk. Therefore, creating a team of people ready to collaborate continuously to achieve the best results is more of a challenge than a drawback when it comes to outsourcing DevOps. 

Requires technical knowledge

Outsourcing professional IT services is one way to struggle with challenges you might have when working on a project. To be able to cooperate with DevOps teams, your in-house team of engineers should have necessary domain knowledge and technical knowledge as well. Especially today, it is not possible to hire a DevOps outsourcing company without having some knowledge of the technology. Your team of experts should be able to explain to DevOps engineers what problem they need to solve. To make sure you are on the right track and that the DevOps team will deliver continuous value, you’ve got to have your own team of engineers who possess adequate knowledge of continuous integration, testing tools, delivery processes, and infrastructure. This will enable you to monitor the processes and the progress. 

It can be time-consuming 

Building a strong partnership and efficient teamwork cannot be established overnight. It takes time to establish a strong cooperation, especially today, when it is hard to find good DevOps specialists on the market. It is not enough to understand DevOps and implement it. Those people should really interpret the spirit of DevOps in the right way. So, to get the best results, it is always advisable to have enough patience to establish good relationships with the contractor so that you would avoid delays on the project and potential failure. 

What’s your next step?

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Published on June 16, 2023