Safeguarding your data: 10 things to know about Recoverable

Tools like Microsoft Office 365 often promise service availability but do not guarantee the availability of user data. This is where Recoverable comes into play.

Recoverable is a platform that enables backup solutions for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and ensures access to your data in case of platform issues.

What is Recoverable?

Recoverable provides a cloud-based environment specifically designed for data backup, solving the problem for organisations without traditional infrastructure. It provides robust protection against data loss, whether due to employee actions, ransomware attacks, or other threats. By offering easy restoration points, proactive monitoring, and automated validation, Recoverable ensures that your data remains secure and accessible.

Why Recoverable?

Organisations like Microsoft recommend in their audits that users should maintain their own data backups, as they do not take responsibility for providing them. Responsibility for data backup often falls on the user, making it crucial to have a reliable system in place. Traditional companies with extensive on-premises infrastructure can easily manage their own backups by leveraging both on-premises and cloud systems. 

They can back up their cloud data to local systems, ensuring they have multiple copies of their data. 

However, modern startups often lack such infrastructure. Without on-premises systems to rely on, these startups face a significant challenge: where to store their backups. This is where Recoverable becomes essential. 

What does Recoverable do?

Recoverable AI follows best practices by ensuring that backups are stored in a separate environment from the original data. For example, if you are backing up data from Office 365, Recoverable AI ensures that the backup is not stored in Microsoft Azure. This approach enhances data security and availability, giving users peace of mind knowing their data is safe and accessible in case of an issue with the primary platform.

That’s why we have created an environment where our client’s data is securely stored in private data centers. We offer two data center options: one in the UK and the other in Portugal. Both are tier four data centers, the highest tier possible, ensuring maximum security and reliability for your data.

Our backup solution utilizes native cloud tools, meaning there is no need for you to install any software. It communicates directly with your Microsoft tenant and is readily available in the Microsoft Store. 

Currently, our solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft, and we are expanding to support other platforms and services in the near future. 

“The importance of our solution lies in the peace of mind it provides. In the event of an issue or outage with your primary data provider, our system allows you to restore your data locally, that it is backed up in a secure and separate environment, ready to be restored whenever needed, thus protecting you from potential disruptions and data loss,” says Thomas Radosh, Founder of Recoverable. 

The key focus of our backup solution is to ensure data availability in case of any compromise.

For example, if a disgruntled employee is let go, you want to ensure you don’t face any issues related to their data. Our solution allows you to access, recover, and restore their data, protecting you from potential data compromise. Additionally, if there’s a ransomware attack, our built-in tool, called Velocity of Change, offers crucial protection.

10 things to know about recoverable AI-powered data backup tool

What is Velocity of Change?

Our backup solution’s key focus is ensuring data availability in case of any compromise.

For example, if a disgruntled employee is let go, you want to ensure you don’t face any issues related to their data. Our solution allows you to access, recover, and restore their data, protecting you from potential data compromise. Additionally, if there’s a ransomware attack, our built-in tool, Velocity of Change, offers crucial protection.

Velocity of Change monitors your data for abnormal activities. If it detects a significant and unexpected volume of changes, it sends you a notification. This alert system ensures you are aware of any unusual behavior that could indicate a potential threat, allowing you to take immediate action.

This mechanism is particularly helpful during ransomware attacks, which spread quickly across networks and infrastructure. If you’re using OneDrive and SharePoint to store your files, an infected computer can attempt to change and override all files in the system, including those in the cloud. Our solution protects against this by allowing you to quickly identify and restore compromised data.

You can then decide what actions to take. For instance, if you suspect a ransomware attack, you can easily identify the point at which the data started being compromised and restore it from a previous backup. This capability provides a crucial reference point, ensuring that you can revert to a safe state and mitigate the attack’s impact.

New Recoverable functionalities and features 

We are currently developing additional tools to enhance this protection. 

One such tool is inspired by Netflix’s Chaos Monkey, which randomly disables servers to test platform resilience. Similarly, our tool will help businesses validate their backups. It’s essential for businesses to confirm that their data is correct, recoverable, and usable in the event of a disaster.

We are implementing automated restore jobs that can be scheduled according to your needs. This ensures regular verification of your backups, giving you confidence that your data is safe and recoverable whenever necessary.

Our system will randomly select data from the client’s backup, choosing random dates and files, and attempting to recover them. Once the recovery is completed, a notification is sent to the client. The client can then review these files themselves if they wish, which is useful for compliance reviews and records. They can demonstrate that they can perform a backup, restore it, and verify that the data is available and intact. We are developing this functionality and will release it to our clients soon.

Expanding Beyond Office 365: The Future of Recoverable AI Backup Solutions

Recoverable currently supports Office 365 because the majority of our clients use it. The platform is available in two forms. The first is as a SaaS product, where you pay per licensed user for the backup. This fee covers everything, including SharePoint, OneDrive, and shared mailboxes, with no additional charges. 

However, some clients, particularly larger organizations, have preferred hosting their backups themselves. To meet their needs, we offer the option for customers to host the infrastructure themselves, whether within their own data center or application stack. We provide the necessary licensing for them to run the application in this manner. While this segment represents a smaller market with fewer requests, it’s a feature that customers have specifically requested, and we’ve developed the capability to accommodate their needs.

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes expanding beyond Office 365 and Dropbox integrations. We’re actively working on integrating Google Workspace and Salesforce next. We’re also exploring new platforms for future backup support, ensuring that our product remains relevant and valuable to our clients.

To learn more about how Recoverable can help you secure your data, try it for free and see it for yourself. 



Published on May 22, 2024