How to optimise Cloud cost management with Deployflow?

According to Gartner, enterprise IT spending on Cloud will exceed 51% by 2025. It seems that the key thighs that make Cloud attractive to businesses such as flexibility and scalability create uncertainty among decision-makers as they make Cloud costs unpredictable. How can you know that your cloud spending is optimised in the right way? How can you identify the sources of your cloud spending and optimise it?

Deployflow encourages clients to implement the right Cloud cost optimisation strategy to easily manage their cloud costs, and minimise waste without compromising performance or security. In this article, we will offer practical ways to achieve optimal cloud spend management with simple, innovative, and optimal solutions. 

Have a clear overview of your cloud bill

Effective cloud management begins with clearly understanding your Cloud management costs and where your money is going. 

Deployflow team of experts can help you identify the key sources of your expenditure and help you understand the following costs:

  • Compute costs — these charges apply to the processing power you use and can vary depending on the virtual machines you are using as well as regional differences
  • Storage costs — these costs arise from storing data in the cloud 
  • Support costs — Depending on your chosen Cloud provider, you may need to cover different expenses depending on the support levels you are using
  • Managed service costs —  If you are using managed services, you will have to pay for these based on per-hour rates or usage

Choose the right cloud provider 

Choosing a cloud provider that can offer you predictable and straightforward pricing is imperative if you want to optimise your cloud costs. Choosing a cloud provider with complex pricing models can only increase your overall spending and make the entire budgeting a challenge. 

With deep expertise, knowledge, and extensive experience in helping companies solve their cloud optimisation challenges, the Deployflow team can provide you with an in-depth analysis of cloud providers and choose the one that will perfectly align with your business needs. This way you will have a clear overview of the entire pricing structure allowing you to predict your costs and keep them in check. 

Learn more about how we can help you choose the best Cloud provider for your business here

Right-size your Cloud management services 

Match your business needs with the computing services to make sure you are not spending too much money on something that you do not actually need. 

Deployflow can help you right-size your computing services by helping you understand your workloads including usage patterns and computational resources. On top of this, they can continuously review your resources and adjust them depending on the changes in your workloads which can then lead to significant cost savings. 

Optimise cloud costs at every stage of the software development lifecycle

To be able to keep your costs under control, you need to implement cost optimization throughout each and every step of your software development journey. Here are a few stages where you can implement cost optimisation. 

  • Planning – evaluate your budget and use cost data to make better decisions, reduce unexpected costs, and make necessary adjustments to the budget if needed. 
  • Deployment and operation — quickly identify unexpected spending 
  • Design and build — use the data to make cost-effective decisions 
  • Monitoring — create reports on operational expenditures and return on investment based on your business initiatives 
How to optimise Cloud cost management with Deployflow? Deployflow

Achieve unlimited efficiency and flexibility with Cloud cost management, and optimisation

If you expect your cloud costs to skyrocket, move to the Cloud with safety gear. In today’s dynamic business landscape, it is very hard to keep things under control in real time, which usually leads to paying more Cloud services that your business workflow does not actually need. Once the Cloud costs start increasing, companies usually get lost between several Cloud providers searching for the most suitable cloud management services. Cloud migration can help companies increase their savings and operational competitiveness and empower them to grow continuously. 

Deployflow can help companies solve complex challenges by helping take cloud migration costs under control. Building and maintaining trust when it comes to cloud adoption is critical for achieving agility and significantly reducing costs. Cloud cost optimisation is Deployflow’s approach to achieving more efficient cost control that should help companies advance to a more successful cloud migration while increasing their ROI. We make sure we adjust our approach based on the companies’ Cloud maturity level 

regarding cost management. We work closely with clients to identify the areas for optimisation and then create a roadmap with clear metrics that would provide companies with a clear overview of cost reduction solutions. 

Get your cloud costs under control with Deployflow 

Deployflow can help you on your cloud computing digital transformation journey. Contact us to learn how we can help you drive your organization’s cloud transformation to achieve maximum return on investment.



Published on April 3, 2024