How to build the right cloud transformation strategy and architecture with Deployflow

Cloud was once considered a cutting edge. Now, Cloud is a necessity for most organisations globally. It is an opportunity for companies to reimage their approach to data and leverage its power to gain unprecedented value. However, seizing this opportunity requires a clear understanding and a strategic approach, a well-devised plan how to move an app from on-premises to the cloud while maintaining the highest level of security and scalability. On top of this, defining a Cloud architecture can help navigate the emigration of complex and large application portfolios. 

Deployflow’s commitment to helping companies achieve the biggest Cloud value goes beyond moving the data; Deployflow’s team of experts, cloud-related thoughtware, and perspectives can help companies orchestrate a strategic shift and build Cloud solutions that will allow them to envision their possible and meet their business objectives. 

In this blog, we will uncover Deployflow’s key capabilities and considerations that can help you answer some of the following most pressing questions:

How can we accelerate and scale our journey to the Cloud?

How do we measure success against our roadmap and business success?

How will we balance security, agility, and usability?

Do we have the right talent in place?

Here are the key capabilities our Cloud transformation strategy center of excellence can offer: 

Cloud transformation framework: Assess your Cloud state 

To be able to accelerate your cloud adoption, you need to assess and understand where your company is on Cloud journey and how will that kind of change impact the organization. Even though many organizations have already started their Cloud journey, they have failed to scale and gain maximum Cloud value. 

Deployflow team of experts uses a variety of best practices and assessment tools to identify the technology infrastructure and apps, assess policies and controls, and analyse all the critical components of a successful Cloud migration and its implementation. Finally, we help organizations determine their current state, address issues, and identify critical actions companies need to take to accelerate their Cloud adoption

Choose the right Cloud transformation provider 

With Deployflow, your cloud strategy will result in optimization, cost-efficiency, and agility. Our team of experts can help you choose the type of Cloud services that meet your business needs. We help you select the ideal mix of cloud models, private, public, or hybrid while optimizing resources and ensuring substantial cost reductions. We can also help you choose the right Cloud vendor and assist you with any cloud strategy questions you might have along the way. 

Develop a plan that addresses governance and security 

Implementing cybersecurity best practices and risk management at every level of your Cloud journey is embedded in everything we do. We help you build robust architecture with the highest cloud security at its core by implementing cutting-edge security measures including identity and access management, data-encryption, multi-factor identification, and continuous monitoring. 

As Oliver Bajic, our IT support engineer, explains, “We take security very seriously in our role as administrators. It’s crucial to ensure the protection of all systems and data. We employ locked-down password databases multi-factor. Our remote access tools require multiple passwords and multi-factor authentication, enhancing security measures. In case of any breach attempt, we all receive notifications and have access to security systems for prompt response. Specifically, we implement extensive measures for certain clients such as firewalls and virtual networks, with access levels tailored based on clearance.”

Read the interview with Oliver Bajic here

Ensure scalability and flexibility 

Our holistic approach empowers business application teams with automated processes and help them position themselves for long-term success. Our team of DevOps experts excels in breaking down applications into microservices and implementing containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. This enables scalability and flexibility, which is crucial for workloads with fluctuating demands. We integrate Cloud Architecture seamlessly with DevOps practices, streamlining development pipelines and accelerating cycles.

Ensure continuous monitoring and optimisation 

Our engineering excellence is focused on building solutions where continuous monitoring and optimizations are integral parts. Governance and oversight can empower organizations to address security and regulatory concerns, provide necessary infrastructure, and guide companies on their journey to scale their efforts and deliver the best possible outcomes without impacting the speed of delivery. We focus on performance monitoring, cloud cost management, and resource allocation to help you increase and maintain efficiency. 

How can Deployflow empower you on your cloud transformation journey?

Deployflow collaborates with leading cloud providers because we are deeply immersed in their platforms and specialize in crafting bespoke cloud architectures tailored to individual client needs, designed to adapt and grow over time. Executives choose us for our comprehensive understanding of the broader cloud landscape and our ability to anticipate its future direction. By leveraging this expertise, we assist in navigating the ever-changing vendor landscape and assessing cutting-edge cloud solutions, enabling you to make informed strategic choices for your organisation, both now and in the future.

Reach out to us to learn how we can help you fast track your possible. 



Published on March 26, 2024