The Benefits of DevSecOps Consultants

Scaling your business can be challenging but it is a necessary step to remain competitive and to continue meeting the growing demands and pressures in your industry. DevSecOps can help keep up with industry best practices. You just have to make sure that the strategies are tailored by a DevSecOps engineer to suit your unique business needs, contributing to the continued success and growth of your business in the long run.


Understanding DevSecOps


DevOps pertains to the set of software development practices where software development and information technology operations are combined to optimise the delivery of a platform, product, or solution. Similar to how a factory production line works, the ‘product’ should move down a conveyor belt, with the developers working at different stages before it is ready for you, with minimal interaction.


DevSecOps works the same way, but with the addition of Sec or ‘Security’ in the planning, development, production, and deployment stages. DevSecOps consulting is a critical approach to help you understand the complexity of security in a cloud environment. That said, enabling Security in DevOps only requires a few changes in any existing tools and processes for automation.


Optimise seamlessly


A properly controlled and well-defined CI (Continuous Integration) or CD (Continuous Deployment or Delivery) process is essential to prevent issues, such as deploying test into a production environment.


A DevSecOps engineer will make sure that every aspect of the process is working seamlessly and optimised to ensure cost savings and efficiency at every stage of the journey.


During a DevSecOps consulting session, the engineer will determine the best tools that can be used for the process. This way, the written code can be developed and deployed optimally into the infrastructure, and the processes of continuous integration and continuous development or delivery are assured.


Onboarding our DevSecOps engineers will provide a range of benefits to your business, such as enhanced collaboration between teams, faster time-to-market to boost ROI, and continuous release and deployment. You get a stable and reliable operating environment, too. Defects can be detected quickly for early correction, so you can continue focusing on your business.




Published on May 17, 2021