DevOps as a Service: A New Approach to Cloud Development

Collaboration is all DevOps experts ultimate goal. DevOps automation and the work that goes into it requires a certain level of teamwork to deliver quality services.

DevOps as a service is both a product and a philosophy. In all its essence, DevOps as a service is a delivery model for tools that facilitate the collaboration between two teams: software development and operations. This service’s ultimate goal is to ensure that an entire software delivery process is planned out down to the smallest of actions.

Why is DevOps as a service necessary? It’s not just DevOps experts who can benefit from the service but also their entire organisation. DevOps automation helps companies achieve their goals and successfully deliver great products to their customers.

Here are some things that make DevOps as a service the best approach to cloud development:

Improved communication and efficiency

As previously mentioned, DevOps experts aren’t just great at the technical aspect of their jobs, they possess excellent communication skills. Thanks to their effective collaboration, they can quickly work together to deliver high-quality results. Overall, efficiency and productivity are improved, and organisations can cut down on their production times.

Shorter development times

The development cycle is a long and winding road. The time it takes to finish one project is further delayed due to how development versus operations teams worked. On the other hand, having a dedicated DevOps team working hand-in-hand shortens the development cycle significantly, resulting in faster delivery times.

Improved staff well-being

DevOps as a service is often employed by companies that require additional help with their cloud and software development. This results in a more focused and productive team, improving an organisation’s overall employee engagement. These practices allow members to deliver products at maximum speed, prioritising functionality and innovation.



Published on March 3, 2021