Deployflow partnering with Okta

We are proud to announce a partnership with Okta. We have several certified engineers on the team, working on Okta deployments for a couple of years and now we think their offering perfectly compliment our services.

Okta is a cloud-based identity management provider with an exceptional track record. Their excellent product offering is the main reason we chose to partner with Okta. Their product addresses the critical concern of the modern workspace and the challenges coming from organisations using more and more cloud-based systems. The multiple accounts, as well as passwords, create vulnerability and security concerns. Okta allows you to centralise all the user account and its management under one platform. Due to its very granular configuration, it’s possible to control accounts permissions to a very detailed level what more creation of the groups allow you to easily assign applications to users based on their memberships as well as organisation roles.

Probably one of the most significant features that allow simplifying the onboarding and off-boarding is the automatic provision and de-provision of accounts. You no longer have to manually go to each system and create required accounts and rights. It’s critical for GDPR as well as ISO27001 certification to provide information about the accounts, and the level of access, and Okta allows you to manage it and more importantly provide reports.

The data security is critical for any business and assuring user, as well as clients, is vital and what’s even more legal obligation for any business in light of all latest legislation. Okta solutions can help you become compliant. Why don’t you speak to us about how we can improve your security as well as user accounts journeys?



Published on July 12, 2019