Deployflow DevOps as a Service: Streamlined operations, seamless automation, simplified workflows

Over the last few years, many companies have implemented DevOps in their product development. 

According to the research conducted by Markets and Markets, the market size for DevOps is expected to increase by 19.7% between 2024 and 2028. 

Gartner points out that 85% of organisations will embrace the cloud-first principle by 2025.

According to Gartner research, DevOps helps businesses invest 33% more of their time in infrastructure improvements. 

Finally, Atlassian surveyed the DevOps trends and found that 61% of respondents said DevOps helped them produce high-quality deliverables, and 99% said DevOps positively impacted their organisation. 

These are just a few statistics showing DevOps’s tremendous impact on the engineering world. The biggest tech players, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Atlassian, have incorporated DevOps into their culture and have seen enormous benefits across their organisations. 

Why does your business need DevOps?

If you are reading this article, you may want to know why you need DevOps as a service in the first place. We are here to help you understand its benefits. First of all, companies that do not use DevOps usually end up with information silos as most of their teams work in isolation on products. On top of this, if you want your project to have fast and frequent releases, it is imperative for you to use the DevOps approach.

Overall, DevOps will help you save much of your time and money by fast-tracking the release time. Also, it will allow you to put your customers in the centre of your attention and gain useful feedback, which you can use to improve the product and speed up your time to market. But this is not all. Let’s dive deeper into all the benefits DevOps technology brings to businesses across industries. 

Top 7 DevOps as a service benefits for your business 

Backed up by our experts’ extensive experience in working with DevOps, we would like to share all the benefits of DevOps adoption:

Faster solution delivery 

DevOps will help you speed up deployment and remove any obstacles that may emerge. Automation tools can also help you enhance the team’s productivity and release frequency, allowing you to gain a competitive advantage more easily and efficiently. 

Enhanced team motivation 

DevOps empowers a collaborative culture that fosters transparency, mutual respect, and close collaboration. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of unplanned work, which includes bug fixes, optimization processes, and various changes to the project that were not expected from the start of the project. Educating your team about DevOps benefits will surely increase their morale and encourage them to work smarter and faster. 

Better customer experience 

The DevOps model relies on both internal and customer feedback. Implementing a DevOps strategy will allow you to continuously stay in touch with your audience and address any cancers through regular updates and new functionalities. 

Reduced costs 

DevOps model helps organisation reduce their costs in the long term.

  • Operational costs—Your DevOps strategy will help you reduce the costs of hiring new specialists, buying new tools, and deploying stable app versions through automation tools and the cloud. 
  • Software release costs — the release automation removes redundancies that add to the overall cost. 
  • Network downtime costs — Instead of spending money fixing downtimes, best DevOps practices will help you save money through automated testing, CI/CD practices, and performance monitoring, which will help you identify the root cause of the problem. 

Automated processes 

One of the most significant benefits of DevOps is automation. By automating various tasks, from building and testing to infrastructure provisioning and deployment, teams can significantly reduce manual errors, enhance efficiency, and increase accuracy, allowing them to focus on other important things. 

Building cross-functional teams 

Building a DevOps culture empowers teams to shift to a mindset of evolution and continuous improvement. Encourage your teams to collaborate towards a common goal, share their responsibilities, and deliver value continuously. 

Build a culture of continuous improvement 

To take advantage of DevOps best practices, it is important to encourage a culture of transparency, knowledge sharing, regular feedback, and experimentation. Invest in training sessions to help your teams keep up with the latest industry and tech trends, quickly adapt to new market changes, and get ahead of the curve. 

How can Deployflow DevOps as a Service help you streamline software engineering?

Deployflow DevOps as a Service: Streamlined operations, seamless automation, simplified workflows

Deployflow team of DevOps experts can help you enhance and streamline your software development and IT operations with advanced tools such as CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and automated testing. Implementing DevOps as a Service (DaaS) will significantly boost efficiency, foster better collaboration, and support scalable business growth. This approach lets your business concentrate on core activities while delivering solutions more rapidly.

Deployflow DevOps services 

Cloud Maturity Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current cloud adoption status to identify gaps and develop strategic recommendations for improvement.

Implementation and Management of AI/ML

Set up and manage your environment to optimize the efficiency, monitoring, and integration of your AI/ML models, ensuring seamless automation and streamlined operations.

Secure Enablement

Support and empower your teams by assessing skill gaps and training needs. Collaborate with your team to deliver tailored training, workshops, and resources, ensuring they are equipped to meet current and future challenges.

Continuous, Secure Integration and Deployment

Partner with us to implement a robust CI/CD pipeline streamlining software development and deployment, enhancing overall productivity and security.

24/7 Security and Swift Incident Response

Ensure continuous security with our round-the-clock services. We provide swift action to mitigate security incidents, ensuring minimal disruption and rapid recovery, thereby maintaining user confidence in system reliability and capability.


Explore our DevOps services to learn how we can help you streamline your software engineering, automate processes and optimise workflows. Reach out to our team of experts and discuss how to achieve your business goals with Deployflow. 



Published on June 27, 2024