Accelerating Cloud Security Resilience with Deployflow

With the world of tech experiencing profound transformation and continuous advancements, adopting cloud services promises significant cost savings, increased stability, and greater flexibility. However, many companies that embark on a cloud-first journey fail to realize their full potential of the cloud due to cyber-security issues. According to BCG, 50% of companies cite cybersecurity as the main inhibitor of this journey. 

This usually happens because most companies start their cloud journey without determining the cloud strategy that will help them continuously and meticulously protect their cloud infrastructure. While many companies decide to migrate to the cloud to enable data strategies and drive business transformation, simply moving to the cloud will not solve all of their problems. They need a mix of cloud and cyber skill sets to create a holistic cloud strategy based on secure-by-design principles, which include integrating layers of security at the earliest possible stage of their cloud journey. Companies with mature cloud and security technologies are more agile and resilient. 

How to embrace the cloud security principles from the start?

In our perspective, companies need to change their approach to cloud adoption and cybersecurity to evolve in the ever-growing market. To provide trust and enable better usage of cloud technologies, companies should embrace cloud security as their differentiator and promote it as a key cloud adoption accelerator. 

While DevSecOps plays an important role in accelerating cloud security, bringing teams with extensive knowledge of incorporating cloud security throughout cloud migration is simply not enough. Companies need to shift their mindset from protecting their infrastructure with the best security practices to building an environment where security is incorporated strategically across every point, process, application, or infrastructure. Once companies realize the benefits cloud security can bring to the entire cloud adoption, they will start perceiving it as a cloud resilience accelerator, not a blocker. 

There is a significant knowledge gap among organizations. To overcome the barriers and implement security from the start, a bolder approach and continuous education across the organization are mandatory. 

Here are a few key steps organisation need to make to embrace security from the start:

Identify your business strategy — You must first think about the key goals you want to achieve. Technology should come next as a key enabler of your

Embrace security — Incorporate cloud-native security capabilities that will accelerate your cloud resilience and allow you to migrate to the cloud seamlessly

Define security requirements — Identify security controls suitable for your applications and make sure the teams working on security implementation ensure these requirements comply with regulations, frameworks and relevant laws. 

Build a cloud security center of excellence — Create a synergy between cloud and cybersecurity teams to ensure transformation happens simultaneously on both ends. 

Lead by example —To enable this transformation and turn it into a success, the C-suite and leadership should invest their efforts in enabling faster adoption and providing needed assistance and education to overcome the security perception about the cloud.

Continually assess and improve — While cybersecurity experts and consultants can help you develop cyber skills, processes, and capabilities, they can also enable you to take ownership of your cybersecurity and risk management. This way, they align with your ambitions and plans, empowering you to improve continuously. 

How to accelerate cloud resiliance with Deployflow cloud security services?

Working with a team of experts can help you build resilience in the cloud for seamless, cost-efficient, and scalable cloud security. Organisations should use security as their compass to simplify their cloud journey and overcome all the barriers that may emerge. Deloyflow team of experts will, together with you, protect your cloud infrastructure and transform security from a barrier to a business enabler. This will allow your team to fully focus on cloud security management and other things that matter. 

Deployflow cloud security services 

Zero Trust Framework

The Zero Trust Framework rigorously verifies each user and device attempting access to your network, ensuring that only authorized individuals and trusted devices can enter. Implementing a “never trust, always verify” approach blocks unauthorised access and significantly minimises the potential impacts of cyber breaches. This framework continuously authenticates and authorises every interaction within your system, regardless of the user’s location or device, thus creating a dynamic security perimeter. The result is an enhanced security that instills unmatched trust among users, as they can be confident that the highest standards of verification and access control protect their data and interactions.


CloudSecure evaluates your cloud environments, safeguarding user data and system integrity with unparalleled precision. Our advanced security platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to continuously monitor, assess, and protect your cloud infrastructure from potential threats. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and best practices, CloudSecure ensures that every aspect of your cloud environment is protected against vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

Cyber Protection 

Cyber Protection is a comprehensive plan designed to safeguard your resources and digital infrastructure from cyber threats. This multifaceted approach integrates advanced security measures such as real-time threat detection, robust firewalls, and sophisticated encryption techniques to ensure your data remains secure and intact. It includes proactive monitoring and rapid incident response to address potential breaches, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions. This holistic defense strategy delivers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while enjoying seamless and secure access to your digital services. 

Managed Threat Detection and Response 

Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) offers swift and decisive action to mitigate security incidents, ensuring minimal disruption and rapid recovery.  By continuously monitoring your systems for suspicious activities and potential breaches, MTDR ensures that threats are detected early and responded to immediately. To create a robust defense mechanism, MTDR combines advanced threat intelligence, automated responses, and skilled cybersecurity professionals. This proactive approach ensures business continuity and system reliability. 


Explore Deployflow cloud security services to learn how we can help you accelerate your cloud resilience from the start. Contact one of our cloud experts to learn more about our differentiated cloud security approach.  



Published on June 20, 2024