4 Advantages Of A Microsoft Office 365 Migration

There is a heavy reliance on Microsoft Office 365 in both large and small enterprises. These days, an office is not bound to a cubicle in a commercial space. One can now travel with the office in their backpacks due to cloud-computing and automation. This innovation has made it easier to work on team project’s where members are in different locations of the world. This can only happen when a company has opted for Collaboration and online workplace software.

Why Office 365 migration?

Flexibility at its best – No doubt migrating to the latest Microsoft Office 365 will add the highest flexibility for the employees. There is no need to set a VPN and install workplace resources when all these can be replaced by a cloud-computing service. It gives immense flexibility to the employees to work as per their convenience and comfort to provide the best output from any location in the world.

Security – Office 365 migration will also offer the highest security. Local server installation is riskier than Microsoft Office 365 setup. Every datum is encrypted using the SSL/TSL encryption method so that every communication becomes secure. Besides, Microsoft has state of art security protocols in place to keep your data safe. This is of utmost importance because today’s workforce is spread across more locations than ever before.

Upgrades with new features – This cloud computing platform will deliver the best features for an office to operate. Microsoft upgrades their service’s frequently, adding features that will benefit your employees. Office 365 is not just about getting things done faster. It is about reinventing how you get them done. Office 365 migration is a complex task, but one which brings many benefits.

Bigger space – Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 will add a higher amount of storage space than what local servers offer. It also adds more control over who accesses the data. The user can also back-up and save the progress he has done that day. Around 80% of Fortune 500 companies have already taken their business data to Office 365, and start-ups and medium-sized organizations are now following this trend.


It all depends on the service provider you have chosen to migrate your office to Microsoft Office 365. The increasing reliance and shift towards Microsoft Office 365 has drastically changed the way industries work. Hire the most experienced to get the best output.



Published on November 9, 2020