2023 year in review (infographic): Deployflow’s key milestones and achievements

As 2023 winds down, it’s the perfect timing to reflect on all of the past achievements, wins, important milestones and great memories we have created along the way. 

So, here we are, at the end of this exceptional year, counting all the milestones we have accomplished together and all the lessons learned (good and bad ones). As a company, we, at Deployflow, like to look at the achievements we have made together from several different perspectives: global expansion, revenue growth, building a stronger client ecosystem, and talent growth. And, what a year it was for work! 

From strengthening our key service offerings and opening opportunities for new teams of experts globally to expanding our partner ecosystem and fueling our growth through higher revenue, Deployflow underwent transformative changes that have made enormous impact on both the company’s business and culture. 

Without further ado, here are the 12 best things from Deployflow in 2023. Learn more in the infographic below.

2023 year in review (infographic): Deployflow's key milestones and achievements

1. Opening a new office in Dubai

Focused on continuously expanding our presence across the world, we are proud to say that, this year, we established our presence in Dubai. This is an amazing opportunity to increase our pool of talents in this region and strengthen our Center of Excellence in DevOps and Cloud transformation. We are looking forward to accelerating geographical expansion.

2. Transitioning our extended team to a major client in fintech 

We always strive to provide our clients with the utmost value in terms of the services we offer and our domain knowledge and expertise. We like to move one step further and enable our clients to leverage the power of our engineering excellence, especially when it fuels their business growth and ensures future success. This year, inspired by the great collaboration between Deployflow and a major client in fintech, we transitioned our extended team to the client, to strengthen an already established collaboration and enable future successes on the project with more ease and higher efficiency. 

3. 60% increase in revenue 

In 2023, Deployflow illustrated outstanding growth, seeing revenue reach 60%. This demonstrated that our collective effort, determination and persistent investments in people and new partnerships have paid off and are driving future growth opportunities. This is the result of our strong execution and strategic approach and operational resilience. 

4. ISO 27001 certification preparation in progress 

ISO 27001 is the most well-known certification standard for information security management systems enabling easy monitoring and protection of data. With a focus to provide our clients with value, this year, we started the process of becoming ISO 27001 certified and the entire process should be completed by February 2024. 

5. Hiring an Account Manager in Europe 

With Deployflow’s expansion on the global market, one of the most important steps we made during 2023 was hiring a key role, Account Manager in Europe. This will open new opportunities for exciting new projects and thriving partnerships and drive continuous and sustainable growth in this region as well. 

6. Hiring a Growth Marketing Manager 

With a mission to spur our brand’s growth, build better brand awareness and position ourselves better on the market, we empowered our team with another great hire, a Growth Marketing Manager, whose main focus is to devise a strategy and identify key levers across the company operations that can deliver great KPI growth. 

7. Bringing new DevOps talents in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

As a part of our mission to expand in the Europe region, we hired the first DevOps expert in Bosnia and Herzegovina to be a part of this mission. We are looking forward to powering this team with more DevOps specialists who can add value and yield great results on the upcoming projects. 

8. 38% employee growth

As a company oriented towards professional, organisational and culture growth, our goal as a company is to build and continuously strengthen our core – the people. With this in mind, this year, we managed to increase the number of new hires by 38%, which was one of the biggest and most significant milestones we have achieved. With such a strong team of professionals, we will bring our operational excellence to a higher level and fuel an elevated employee experience. 

9. A proprietary tool Recoverable was trademarked 

2023 was marked with another significant milestone we are truly proud of — a groundbreaking tool we built, Recoverable, that safeguards your business against cyber threats, obtained its trademark in August 2023. This tool presents a comprehensive shield against data breaches, malware, and ransomware.

10. Building 10 new client relationships 

At Deployflow, establishing new client relationships is a team effort where each and every employee plays a key role in supporting our clients and bringing them continuous value. Driven by this approach, and our determination to ignite customer relationships for growth, we succeeded in acquiring 10 new clients across different industries over the course of previous year and established value networks that help forge trust and power innovation in the upcoming years. 

11. Establishing 4 new partnerships

Powered by our mutual commitment to fostering collaboration, we have established four strategic partnerships during 2023. Each of these alliances amplifies our strengths, opens new opportunities for success and addresses numerous challenges, enabling us to further expand our partnership network and navigate the complexities of business with resilience. Together, with our partners, we will push boundaries and reach new heights in the years to come. 

12. Hiring a Regional Director in Dubai

With establishing a new office in Dubai, we focused on bringing new talents that will make a difference and strengthen our relationships in this region as well. This led to hiring another key talent, Regional Director in Dubai, who will power our regional endeavours and play a pivotal role in driving our business goals allowing us to meet the growing need of our clients. 

Words from Deployflow

This year truly brought a degree of change we have not seen before. We would like to thank our partners and clients for trusting Deployflow to help them deliver strong growth and rise amidst disruption. We would also like to show our deep gratitude to our colleagues, who worked very hard to deliver these results we are truly proud of. 

Finally, we would like to celebrate our past achievements and envision new paths and strategies to kick off the next year with new purpose and ambitions, and shift into high gear with even stronger client relationships, new innovative projects and inspiring teams of professionals. 

Cheers to 2024!



Published on December 28, 2023