Looking for a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps services are rising in demand as more organisations seek to optimise their product delivery process. With the help of an experienced DevOps engineer, you can take your business to greater heights, benefiting from increased efficiency, scalability, and security.

So, how do you find a reliable and qualified DevOps engineer for your organisation? First, you must determine your goals. Cloud engineers have a vast skill set, so you must define your needs to ensure that the service provider can tailor its solutions.

Here are some major areas in DevOps and the skills required in each one:

  • Systems administration

SysAdmin involves working within multi-user IT environments to optimise processes and performance. Generally, engineers in systems administration are tasked to build and manage applications, servers, and their supporting infrastructure.

Some key skills required for SysAdmin include systems performance monitoring and maintenance, troubleshooting, system security deployment, and LAN and WAN management.

  • Network and storage management

Network managers are tasked to set up, manage, and maintain an organisation’s computer networks. Depending on your existing network, your business may be utilising physical data centres or cloud servers. Therefore, you must find an engineer experienced in working with networks similar to yours. For example, cloud engineers are well-versed in cloud environments such as AWS or Google Cloud.

Moreover, you must consider an engineer’s skills in network administration and configuration, troubleshooting, and hardware and software maintenance.

  • Automation

DevOps automation is an excellent solution for optimising your processes and reducing costs. A qualified DevOps automation engineer has not only the basic skills for development and IT operations but also expertise in modern automation tools.

Other important skills to look out for include configuration deployment and management, identification of tools and opportunities for different processes, and troubleshooting automation problems.


Work with a qualified DevOps engineer now and take advantage of the seamlessness and efficiency offered by DevOps practices!



Published on December 12, 2022