Case Study: TCN
Transforming technology with TCN
Our client, TCN, a creative, high-end office space designer, were relying on a more traditional Citrix environment to connect all of their internal users to the same instance of an old Windows Server 2008. They also all had desk computers and relied on desk phones to communicate with clients as well as colleagues.
Company Challenge
Keeping up with advancing technologies as well as handling technical limitations from their external suppliers and vendors. Keeping a finger on the pulse of modern IT infrastructure was imperative for this client as their company is leading the way in the fast-paced Fintech industry. A redesign was eventually required to help tackle these issues the client was facing.
Give each of their employee’s access to fast, well-optimised devices and to generally enable each individual to work far more efficiently. To update the technology used to support the day to day running of the business as well as enable their workforce with the right equipment to perform their day to day job, wherever they may be.
We proposed to migrate their systems onto dedicated mobile devices running Windows 10 and to use Office365 to store all documents, share files and other work documents as well as manage all devices. We also proposed to enable all of their workforce using a VoIP solution built on top of Office365.

The business transformation for TCN was great to see, with some noticeable results for the team:

  • A successful migration meant their workforce were now mobile and had the ability to use any device from anywhere.
  • They had significantly increased security thanks to an MFA encryption being implemented.
  • Thanks to VoIP solution, the whole team no longer relied on the desk phones, allowing them the flexibility to work from any remote location.
  • By moving users onto laptops, they were able to work out of office, onsite and from any other location they chose.
The Customer
A creative and modern company, who look to transform old unloved buildings and spaces into beautiful, modern and alternative working spaces. Throughout our time working together, the team worked well to improve and modernise the ways of working with technology for TCN, enabling the staff to be more flexible as well as providing a more secure way of working onsite.

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