Case Study: Strike
About the client
Strike is a platform that helps customers purchase properties in the UK. Strike’s business model is based on referral fees earned from both buyers and sellers taking up no-obligation services such as mortgage, conveyancing, and insurance advice., formerly Housesimple, is now the third-largest online estate agent in the UK by a number of listings. 
Strike approached Deployflow when they encountered a setback due to the departure of their internal DevOps personnel. Recognizing their urgent need for a skilled team with the right expertise and domain knowledge, our DevOps as a Service on-demand proved to be an ideal solution. We ensured that they could accomplish their tasks swiftly and efficiently, providing them with a high level of experience and effective support. Despite the challenges posed by the project’s technology stack, we swiftly and confidently took it on to meet their specific requirements.

First, we conducted a comprehensive handover session with the client’s departing DevOps engineer. From day one, our team seamlessly integrated into daily interactions concerning the issues in the client’s system. Collaborating closely with the software development team, we ensured they had optimal access to the system to be able to swiftly resolve any emerging issues.

By strategically addressing critical concerns, such as the client’s database outages, we successfully implemented permanent solutions. We implemented a proactive approach to overcome various challenges, ultimately fostering a more stable and resilient environment.

Working in tandem with their teams, we leveraged resources to ensure the availability of the right knowledge, empowering them to drive long-term business value.

Recognizing a gap in expertise, the previous DevOps engineering team struggled with scalable and enterprise-level implementations, opting for less sustainable workarounds that increased issues’ frequency. Our team, equipped with the necessary experience and expertise, addressed these challenges effectively, delivering lasting value and reducing overall costs for the organisation.

Technologies used: AWS, Elasticsearch, Lambda, Redshift, Redis, EC2, VPC, Networking, DNS, Terraform, Terraform Cloud


This solution provides the client with a lot higher level of stability and resiliency in the environment, allowing them to increase stability and build the right solutions in the long term. Through the elimination of outages and reduction in downtime, we helped the client improve system availability, ensuring a seamless operational experience.


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The entire process with Deployflow has been really good and the outcome of the project meets our expectations. The grasp on the technology & process  was really mature. They really understood the layers and the nuances of what we needed…It was a no-brainer for us to choose Deployflow for our project.

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