Case Study: EWE

About the client

For more than 90 years, EWE has created the foundation for economic development, social participation and improved quality of life for the people in its regions. This began with the construction of one of the most reliable energy networks in Europe. Today, EWE uses its experience to drive the energy revolution forward and to protect the climate. By investing in broadband network expansion, we support fast internet access – even outside urban centres.


The challenge arose when Microsoft conducted an infrastucture environment audit, resulting in a set of recommendations. The client lacked internal expertise to implement many of these suggestions, and the associated costs of Microsoft services were significantly high. As a result, EWE sought our assistance to identify, implement, and address the challenges highlighted in the audit.


The first step was to review the assessment, go through the details of what was being recommended, and compare those requirements with the client’s capabilities and resources at that moment. Following this, we initiated the implementation phase, encompassing various services such as Office 365 configuration, endpoint configuration, and security policy enhancements. Our engineers successfully implemented all recommendations from the Microsoft audit, ensuring the client's full compliance and heightened security measures.

Notably, the collaboration led to the client's increased requirements, including the construction of a new infrastructure within Azure and the delivery of new services.>

We helped the client deliver two critical solutions:

  • We provided crucial training to the client's team on new system components, including Microsoft Intune endpoint management, security rules, and policies
  • We implemented these functionalities 

We helped the client become fully compliant and enhanced their security. We improved the endpoint security policies, enhanced the security of the devices, the user access. Our successful collaboration led to the client's increased requirements, including the construction of a new infrastructure within Azure and the delivery of new services.

We worked together with the client to design a sustainable system, introducing Terraform for increased resilience and operational ease. This solution should decrease the client’s costs and eliminate adverse impact on the environment but at the same time we made sure that the right items are available at the right time so that engineers can continue their work on the services. 

According to Microsoft, the client had items that lacked a proper backup solution for their system. And while they had a more traditional data center where servers are available on premise, the client did not want to go down this route because they fully wanted to migrate to the Cloud. This was an opportunity for us to introduce the right product, Recoverable, which addressed the security concern, the data retention concern and make it more user friendly from the cloud perspective. This solution has a long-term lasting effect versus just going onto another product that they would have to run or execute locally on the premise. 

The client utilized Microsoft Azure Office 365 Endpoint Manager, and we assisted them in realizing the full value of these tools. Our focus was not on introducing new technology but on helping the client optimize their existing technologies, ensuring long-term usability and efficiency. They asked us to help them utilize the right systems and the right solutions in the long term.  


We guided the client in following best practices, utilising recommended services, and enhancing security measures. By empowering the client with the knowledge and visibility to make informed decisions, we ensured that their technology stack was not only secure but also user-friendly and optimised for long-term organisational growth and efficiency.

Their areas of concern were focused on security and building a more automated and visible stack of the services. We ensured they have the best technology stack and the best approach in terms of security.

Our aim was to build something that makes this system secure and user friendly at the same time. We provided them with a more correct long-term setup that could elevate their business.


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