Voices of change: From comfort to connection to contribution

Interview with Anna Radosh, Chief People Officer at Deployflow

Depoyflow culture is more than just a set of values — it is a driving force behind each decision and greater achievement. Recently, we had the privilege of delving into the heart of Deployflow’s ethos through an insightful interview with Anna Radosh, Chief People Officer at Deployflow. We sat with Anna to uncover the secrets behind Deployflow’s success. Let’s begin!

How would you describe company culture in Deployflow?

A: When I think about Deployflow culture, the first word that comes to mind is exciting. It’s an environment where there’s this palpable sense of being part of something small yet dynamic. What I appreciate most about Deployflow is its emphasis on learning. It’s not just about following a prescribed career path; it’s about being pushed to explore new areas and take on responsibilities that you might not encounter in a larger company where everyone is strictly dedicated to their roles. Deployflow is a place where we’re all constantly learning and growing, and that’s what makes it so special.

What are the key values that make Deployflow stand out from the rest?

A: “Our team and I share a common value: we believe in investing in people and recognizing their potential. As my husband often says, “It’s not just about what you know, but who you are.” In other words, it is not only about possessing the right skills and expertise. It’s also about having the right attitude to your work and the people you work with. If you believe that your contribution and dedication will have a positive impact on the overall company’s success and are ready to get out of your comfort zone to deliver positive outcomes and grow, Deployflow is the right place for you. We like to surround ourselves with people who demonstrate a positive attitude and a shared commitment to progress.

Anna ads that Deployflow as a company strives to recognize their people’s potential in different areas and encourage them to focus on the things they can do best. 

One example that resonates with us is a situation where a team member faced challenges due to a communication gap with a client, despite delivering excellent work. Despite this setback, the individual’s positive attitude, contribution, and dedication stood out. Our leaders saw beyond the immediate issue and recognized this person’s potential. Instead of letting one mistake define their future, the leadership team decided to leverage this person’s strengths in other projects. We, as a team, believe in nurturing talent and opening a world of opportunities for each and every colleague. Even when things don’t go perfectly, we strive to find ways to support and develop our team members. It’s about fostering an environment where individuals can thrive, regardless of setbacks”, says Anna. 

What about professional development and career growth? What kind of opportunities does Deployflow give to employees in terms of professional development and career growth?

A: “From a technical standpoint, we always make sure we provide opportunities for our team members to grow. Whether it’s through attending courses, taking tests, or pursuing certifications, we always support our colleagues on their career paths and explore a world of opportunities for their future growth. We are fully focused on our team’s continuous self-improvement. We want our people to understand that they’re in an environment where they can actively learn new skills and grow. Our leadership team frequently offers various platforms for further education, which leads to a more skilled workforce.”

Anna emphasizes that Deployflow encourages individuals to obtain certifications to validate their expertise. 

Our ambition is to build strong relationships with our employees and create an environment with a sense of mutual respect and appreciation. By investing in both people and ideas, we build a broader network of professionals who can create a great impact and provide new value to our clients”, says Anna. 

Voices of change: From comfort to connection to contribution
Anna Radosh Deployflow

Can you remember a situation when the company’s culture impacted your work or encouraged you to show your maximum potential? 

A:We often find ourselves advocating for what we believe is best. For instance, we truly believe that skills and attitude matter the most. The sense of camaraderie within our team is remarkable. While I hesitate to use the cliché of being “like family”, there’s a genuine bond that goes beyond professional relationships. Recently, we had a small team gathering in Poland where all of our colleagues enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere, a true team spirit. Although the majority of our team works remotely and often on client sites, we’ve managed to foster a sense of connection. We are surrounded by exceptional individuals who contribute to our success. Their professionalism, honesty, and dedication are the building blocks of Deployflow. We want each person to feel empowered to pursue their passions and continue their journey, knowing that they’ll always have a place within our extended network. If they choose to move on at some point.” 

What’s the company’s approach to recognizing and rewarding employees for their contributions and achievements? 

A:Our team members have access to a variety of learning opportunities. Whether they express interest in a particular course or skill development program, we always support them to go for it. We reward their commitment whether through bonuses or salary increases, which further motivates them to deliver even better outcomes for our clients. By continually expanding their skill set, our team members can easily tackle various challenges offering higher levels of expertise to our clients, resulting in increased opportunities and revenue. It’s a win-win situation: as our team members grow, so does the value they bring to the table.

How would you describe the communication transparency within the organization?

A: “As our company continues to grow, so does the growing need for more effective communication channels and more structured communication processes. We’ve implemented various initiatives to ensure that information flows smoothly across teams. We hold regular meetings, whether weekly or daily, to exchange updates and ideas. We want to ensure that information reaches every member of the team, especially as our workforce continues to expand.

What advice would you give to someone considering joining Deployflow? Why deployflow?

A: “We nurture the environment where everyone feels valued and treated with respect. It’s not just about completing one project but about building lasting relationships and recognizing the ongoing value of employees’ skills. So if your vision of an ideal workplace is a friendly and supportive environment that offers numerous opportunities for professional growth, Deployflow is the right place for you. Mutual respect, ongoing value, and long-term opportunities maintain strong relationships and open communication within the company.

Define your career with Deployflow

When you join Deployflow, you join a culture of openness, knowledge sharing, collaboration, and trust. Reach out to Anna Radosh to learn more about why Deployflow is a great place to work, or talk to us and see how we can help you thrive. 
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Published on February 28, 2024