The Journey

Monday the 8th of April 2019 marked a new landmark on our Journey — We have officially moved into our new office space in Reading. There is just something inspiring about moving into a brand-new space. Whether it’s the new desks, new chairs, new equipment, or logo on the door, but there’s a certainly stronger passion that comes with it.

Who we are and what we do?

This is always a hard question to answer because what we do is not merely a job description, but a passion. Hence, listing a bunch of corporate jargon would only diminish the personal importance of what transforming companies really means to us. Simply, we are Deployflow, and we help companies transform. We help organisations effectively execute IT transformation and successful cloud migrations, securing infrastructures and successful implementation of an active DevOps culture. We have more than 20 years of experience helping companies excel in their industries, become more agile, scale, transform and effectively deploy. On top of this, we enable them to succeed without them having to break the bank. Our professionals have worked with notable organisations such as Vodafone, TCM, ICBC, Morgan Crucible as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution of Saudi Arabia. We have significant experience in understanding what customers need, and sometimes it is less than what they might think. Our company culture focuses on eliminating the unnecessary spending and maximising a bespoke infrastructure for an agile and scalable IT experience that works for you and not the other way around. Our approach to working with customers might be different than what you have already experienced. We don’t want to sell you things you do not need, and we don’t want to upsell services that you would never use. What we want is for you to focus on scaling your business and not lose sleep over your technology.

How do we do it?

We understand that running your business is your main priority and we want to keep it that way. That’s why the way we implement change is by joining your organisation as an extended team of professionals who work closely with your in-house experts. We use a framework containing three very straightforward steps which will define the steppingstones on your journey towards transformation.

Watch it

On the initial first step towards transformation, our team of experts will provide you with leadership and operations resources. We will provide all the necessary tools, including both cultural and material. During this initial first step, we will work closely with your experts who will carefully observe our professionals as they start the necessary implementations. The initial starting stage is where clients raise many questions and might be uncertain about different steps, but our experts will make sure to familiarise your organisation with any action that might be unclear.

Do it

In this step, we will slowly start handing over operations to your experts while we still provide them with leadership and guidance, enabling your teams to familiarise themselves with a process they have already observed us execute in our initial first step. In this phase, the collaboration between our groups will reach maximum fusion and will tackle the transformation process with the spirit of a joint effort.

Own it

We have reached the most exciting phase of your transformation journey. The final step where we enable your organisation to take full ownership of both the operations tasks and leadership, allowing you to fully own the outcome of this successful end product, which is now enabling your company to be more agile, dynamic, quick-to-respond and satisfied. Mission accomplished.

Why choose Deployflow?

Any company can sell projects, solutions, services or fancy ideas; it is not rocket science. However the field of tech is changing; it is not just about shiny new equipment and pseudoscientific ideas anymore; it is about the enablement of collaboration, agility, innovation and the ability to always be the first to deploy. Transformation is not a project; it’s a Journey. We are the people of Deployflow, let us take you on a Journey.



Published on April 22, 2019