The 6 Rs of AWS Migration

AWS migration means moving applications, data, and services from an existing infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. It’s not as simple as saving a backup of your assets to the cloud. Sometimes, AWS backup can be a complicated and lengthy process that requires careful planning, analysis, evaluation, and execution. A professional AWS cloud migration service can help you avoid any guesswork and mitigate risks so that you can experience the platform’s benefits, such as cost savings, scalability, operational resilience, and security.


Migrating to Amazon Web Services does not have to be complicated when you depend on AWS cloud migration services. Service providers will determine where your organisation stands on the migration continuum and plan the process based on their findings. They consider the 6 Rs to carefully reflect on your organisation’s data migration and plan for it. The Rs stand for the following:


  1. Retire


The service provider will determine the most obsolete and oldest version of any application. If it’s still active, it must be retired promptly.


  1. Retain


Service providers will retain your data at all times. That means AWS backup, archives, and more.


  1. Rehost


Your data will be moved to the new platform without losing value. This includes files, services, databases, and applications.


  1. Replatform


AWS cloud migration services can help you take advantage of the latest technologies by migrating or repurchasing them from one platform to another. An example would be moving MySQL to Oracle.


  1. Repurchase


At this point, new software licenses may be purchased or upgrade the older versions of software. That way, they can connect with AWS.


  1. Refactor


Old code must be refreshed and cleaned up to make it work with the new system. This can involve fixing bugs.


Do you need help with your AWS migration?


Leave everything to a reputable service provider. AWS cloud migration services will take care of everything, including making a detailed plan or documentation.




Published on October 10, 2022