Mastering the art of cloud-based application development: Complete guide for 2024 

With the growing popularity of Cloud computing, the world is witnessing a significant increase in the demand for Cloud-based applications. And there is a good reason why this is happening. Cloud-based applications streamline the process of data collecting and simplify security and management to a much greater extent. 

In addition, cloud-based application development allows companies to develop productivity-based apps, improving overall customer experience and helping businesses position themselves better in the ever-evolving market. No wonder the projected growth of the global cloud-based market is from $133.6 billion in 2020 to $168.6 billion by 2025

This article will explore the benefits of cloud-based app development and provide a step-by-step guide on how companies can develop cloud-based apps successfully from scratch.

What is cloud-based application development?

Cloud-based application development is the process of building apps that can run on Cloud computing platforms. Unlike other apps typically installed on on-premises servers or individual devices, cloud-based applications are hosted, deployed, and accessed via the Internet. They can operate via the Internet and be accessed via a mobile phone or any other Internet-powered device. They are hosted on remote servers by cloud service providers, allowing users to access them from anywhere at any time. 

What are the benefits of Cloud-based applications?

Since most data storage exists on remote servers, cloud-based development is a cost-effective option and can help companies increase their revenue and position themselves on the market. Gartner points out that cloud computing will become imperative for every business by 2028 as there are many benefits that cloud-based app development brings to companies worldwide. Here are a few of them:


Unlike other technologies, cloud computing allows companies more freedom and flexibility. For instance, if your company needs more bandwidth, a cloud-based application could provide it instantly rather than requiring an update to your IT infrastructure. 


Cloud-based applications allow you to scale your business as needed while easily adjusting your new business needs and preferences. Cloud platforms can instantly allocate various resources, including storage, computing power, and bandwidth, to meet the app’s increasing demands. This capability allows businesses to handle workloads easily and quickly and increase operational efficiency and performance. 


Organisations can avoid investing in expensive hardware and infrastructure management by using cloud services. Companies can only pay for the services and resources they need. This allows businesses to allocate a specific budget and scale their apps without additional costs and unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced collaboration 

Cloud applications enable more seamless communication and collaboration between teams regardless of their location. These apps allow them to communicate more effectively, track changes, and enhance overall team efficiency. This type of collaboration promotes agile development practices and better project management across the organisation. 

Mastering the art of cloud-based application development: Complete guide for 2024

How to develop a cloud-based application in 7 steps?

Cloud application development includes both cloud mobile app development and web development services. Creating a cloud-based app from the ground up includes several stages. We will explore the critical stages of app development in cloud computing. 

Hire a skilled cloud app development team

To ensure you can build a successful cloud-based app and easily solve any complexities along the way, you need to look for a team of experts with a piece of deep knowledge and experience in building robust cloud-based applications. They will help you perform a quick analysis of your current business needs and provide you with a project planning report and app development cost estimation. This would allow your team to focus on other things that matter. 

Determine cloud architecture and features 

After you have surrounded yourself with a team of cloud professionals, you must consider critical aspects such as cloud architecture, cloud migration, and a service model. Choose a cloud computing platform like monolithic or serverless architectures, depending on your business requirements. Cloud experts suggest using advanced cloud architecture built on microservices. Regarding cloud development services, you can opt for any service model that fits your business needs, including IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. 

Determine your cloud infrastructure 

After finalizing the application design, set up the cloud infrastructure on a platform like AWS, Azure, or GCP, configuring computing resources and storage with scalability and security in mind.

Develop your cloud-based application

With the infrastructure ready, start developing your application by implementing the designed functionalities. By hiring a team of Cloud experts, you will be able to develop the frontend and backend, connecting them through APIs. A cohesive and well-equipped development team also plays a critical role in creating an optimal user experience. 

Test your application 

Testing ensures your cloud application’s reliability and performance. Conduct unit tests for individual components and load tests for overall performance. Address any bugs or issues identified during testing promptly.

Conduct regular monitoring and maintenance

After deployment, monitor your application’s performance using your cloud platform’s tools and consider third-party solutions for additional insights. Regular maintenance and updates are essential to ensure continued optimal operation.

Ensure security and compliance 

Security is crucial for cloud applications. Conduct regular audits, implement best practices like data encryption, and ensure compliance with regulations. Continuous monitoring and timely updates are essential for long-term success.

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Published on May 30, 2024